Welcome to the Spark It Network Mindmap

Welcome to the Spark it Network Mindmap!

In this video Caren Glasser and Kathryn B Trainor talk about all of the cool things that you can do on the Spark It Network platform and how social media is used to promote the articles, videos and podcasts.  Some of the social media platforms that we encourage you to share to include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.  #Hashtags are a great way to easily promote as they cross all social media platforms.

We have two pages on Facebook; the Spark It Network Fan Page and the Spark It Network Group Page.   You do not have to be a “Spark It Network” member to participate in this group, but you do have to agree to follow the Group Rules.  No Spam is allowed and we strictly limit self promotions and negativity. Why? Because we want this to be high value, high energy and a place to “Spark” your creativity, solve problems, create alliances and develop relationships and engagement that builds all our businesses and organizations. 
If you ARE a Spark It Network member, please put an “M” at the beginning of your post! If you aren’t, watch the video and find out how to “Be Our Guest” for free!

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