Blogging Basics – Adding Images to the Media Library

Blogging Basics – Adding Images to the Media Library

Adding Images from Your Computer
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Adding an Image from Another Website with a URL Link
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Spark It Network Tips –

Remember to add “Alt text” and a description when adding an image from your computer. If the image doesn’t show up due to a browser malfunction or a slow connection, this improves user experience. It’s also helpful for vision challenged users to have that info so it can garner a bit more search juice.

Create a title for the image that includes a keyword that describes what it is. Sometimes images show up titled IMG2345.jpg or having camera data and it is much better for searching for the image later on the site or search engine value if it is “pizza” or “pink David Austin roses”.

Only add images that you have the digital rights to use!!! Our terms and conditions of use shift liability to you if you steal images, but we will terminate your membership and remove all your content if you use images that you don’t own or that aren’t specifically Creative Commons licensed.

If you add an image from another website or URL, check to be sure this is allowed by their terms. Doing it this way will not work for a featured image, you must upload them for long term post info stability.


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