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Happy Birthday, Hermann Hesse!

Hermann Hesse

Happy Birthday, Hermann Hesse! “The little fellow has a life in him, an unbelievable strength, a powerful will, and, for his four years of age, a truly astonishing mind. How can he express all that? It truly gnaws at my life, this internal fighting against his tyrannical temperament, his passionate turbulence … God must shape […]

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Connected with Angels with Marie-Ange Faugerolas

http://traffic.libsyn.com/nancyferrarimedia/30412068-140034426.mp3Podcast (member-channel): Play in new window | DownloadConnected with Angels with Marie-Ange Faugerolas In this episode of The Nancy Ferrari Show, I welcome my guest, Marie-Ange Faugerolas, an award-winning French author of many novels and books on spirituality published in France and Canada. She has been personally connected with angels since she was a child […]

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Spiritual Hunger with Dr. Allan Hunter

http://traffic.libsyn.com/nancyferrarimedia/30412068-137433659.mp3Podcast (member-channel): Play in new window | DownloadIn today’s episode, Nancy Ferrari welcomes her guest, Dr. Allan Hunter, who has spent his life exploring the intersection of literature, ancient wisdom, and the ways of the heart. He is a professor of Literature, a counselor, with a doctoral degree from Oxford University. British by birth, he […]

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