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The Bluebottle Boys: Birmingham & Edgbaston: January


The Bluebottle Boys – Chapter 6, Part 2 – Birmingham & Edgbaston, Winter 1961-1962: January [Note: The featured picture is a triptych consisting of (left to right) a UK pressing of “My Bonnie” by Tony Sheridan & the Beatles, Alex’s Pie Stand (after hours mecca for the Birmingham rock scene in the early to mid […]

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The Bluebottle Boys – Edgbaston & Birmingham: December


The Bluebottle Boys- Chapter 6, Part 1 — Edgbaston & Birmingham, Winter 1961-1962: December In mid December, Auntie Gene took me to see “The Young Ones,” with Robert Morley and Cliff Richard, the first of our monthly Friday night movie dates, where we went to “hipper” movies that Mum and Dad were willing to let […]

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