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Hello 2016! The Best Is Yet To Come

On this episode of  Connecting People, Changing Lives, Caren and Nancy look back on 2015 and say Hello 2016 We covered many topics including: Entrepreneurship/business Health and Wellness Mindfulness Marketing Personal development Technology Transformation and Inspiration We enjoyed our guests: Alina Vincent, Ann Quasman, Ben Gioia, Blaze Lazarony, Christine Hardy, Cynthia Mazzaferro, Dina Proctor, Emily Glasser,  Heather Elliot, Holli Kenley, Jean Day, Jen Duchene, […]

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Struggling with Health and Fitness

714.469.1782 Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Find out how to Launch Your Own TV Show On today’s episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives Caren and Nancy talk with Rachel Harshfield about Health and Fitness. As a leading provider of Dietary and Fitness needs, Rachel takes pride in offering the best in personal training, meal planning […]

You've Sparked my interest, tell me more...