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The Bluebottle Boys – Autumn 1961: Return to Choir & Grammer


The Bluebottle Boys — Chapter 5, Part 5 — Edgbaston & Solihull, Autumn 1961:  Return to Choir & Grammer Choir reconvened. The arrangements of David Willcocks seemed to have become an obsession with our director, after our success that Easter, as well as the previous Christmas. This autumn, he’d planned quite an ambitious program, including […]

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Walking Backwards for Christmas: Prologue “The Guitar”


Walking Backwards for Christmas: A Tale of Woe from Soggyhall (serialised) Prologue — Los Angeles, Late June 1976: “The Guitar” [Note: Surprise! Here it is, the first novelette of the Reggie Stone series. This is where it all begins. Over the next few months I’m serialising the first half of it, right here. It’s title […]

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