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What’s The Difference Between Editing and Copy Editing?

What’s the difference between editing and copy editing? Both writers and their readers thrive when an author’s message is communicated clearly. After all, even a small punctuation error can significantly alter meaning. Consider the differing meanings of the following two sentences: You look simply marvelous! Versus You–look simply marvelous! The first sentence expresses a complementary […]

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How Many Pages In My Book

Ghost Writer

Most first-time writers wonder How Many Pages In My Book; What page count they should shoot for. There is a misconception here, however, because your final book may be formatted to a size that would increase or decrease the page count of your book. Ebooks don’t even have “pages” only file sizes! The best rule […]

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Why Audio Editing Is A No-Brainer For Your Podcast

Why audio editing is a no brainer for your podcast Audio editing is a real pain. I know – I edit up to 25 episodes per week. No, I’m not an obsessive-compulsive podcaster (though I am a podcaster). I’m a podcast producer. What’s that? I help podcasters get back the time it used to take […]

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14 – Editing

Our Sponsors http://traffic.libsyn.com/bigbusinesszoo/spark_it_network_podcast_14_1416117788.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSSOn today’s episode we are talking about Editing: Audio, Video, Transcriptions and writing. Why professional sounding audio and careful editing matter. Your audio quality matters. Why? Because it’s still true that first impressions matter. Like it or not, people make quick estimations about […]

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