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The Bluebottle Boys – Edgbaston & Birmingham: December


The Bluebottle Boys- Chapter 6, Part 1 — Edgbaston & Birmingham, Winter 1961-1962: December In mid December, Auntie Gene took me to see “The Young Ones,” with Robert Morley and Cliff Richard, the first of our monthly Friday night movie dates, where we went to “hipper” movies that Mum and Dad were willing to let […]

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The Bluebottle Boys: The Choir & the Peace Corps

Peace Corps

The Bluebottle Boys – Chapter 2, Part 3 – Winter 1961: The Choir & the Peace Corps Stan and I found an arrangement of Antonio Salieri’s “Concerto in C for Flute, Oboe and Orchestra,” in the library. An arrangement for two recorders and piano. Alternating checkouts of the score between us, and making creative use […]

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Walking Backwards for Christmas: Choir and Harmony


Walking Backwards for Christmas: A Tale of Woe From Soggyhall, Chapter 4, Edgbaston, November & Early December 1960: “Choir, Harmony, and the Coming of Stan’s ‘Didis’” Aside from allowing us to finagle Saturday mornings at the ABC Minors Club, our additional swotting paid off in that we did well in our academic studies. But as […]

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