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The Bluebottle Boys – Autumn 1961: Return to Choir & Grammer


The Bluebottle Boys — Chapter 5, Part 5 — Edgbaston & Solihull, Autumn 1961:  Return to Choir & Grammer Choir reconvened. The arrangements of David Willcocks seemed to have become an obsession with our director, after our success that Easter, as well as the previous Christmas. This autumn, he’d planned quite an ambitious program, including […]

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Walking Backwards for Christmas: Choir and Harmony


Walking Backwards for Christmas: A Tale of Woe From Soggyhall, Chapter 4, Edgbaston, November & Early December 1960: “Choir, Harmony, and the Coming of Stan’s ‘Didis’” Aside from allowing us to finagle Saturday mornings at the ABC Minors Club, our additional swotting paid off in that we did well in our academic studies. But as […]

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