What Are The Steps To Living a Happier Life?

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Caren Glasser is the host of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Show | Online Influencer and Livestream Host | She can also be seen on Bravo’s Below Deck Mediterranean.
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“It’s about aging with optimism and keeping a positive mindset as you get older. It’s not that challenges aren’t going to come along. It’s not that things aren’t going to happen. It’s being able to have a positive mindset about it and keeping your, keeping your brain healthy and keeping your brain vital.”  –  Molly Watts

On this episode of The Little White Lie Caren and Molly talk about “What are the 5 daily steps to living happier?” They cover the following topics:

  • Reading & Internet: “You don’t even have to go outside the planet to learn something new every day. Open up some of the pages so you can see them.” (See more thoughts about that from Caren’s interview with Cindy Joseph.)
  • Pro-Aging: Offset some of the natural aging. Everybody’s going to have senior moments, right? That’s, part of aging that’s inevitable, you can do a lot prevent too. (See more thoughts about that from Caren’s interview with Veronica Crystal-Young,)
  • Brain Power:  “Using your brain every day.  This is something that has been proven to actually help prevent cognitive decline, help prevent dementia, help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s”.

Molly Watts is the Co-Creator and Founder of “Five for Life and the Five for Life Planner”.

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Super Boomer Moments

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  • “You are just simply never too old.”
  • “Don’t close your eyes. Keep them wide open. You never know what’s going to cross your path.”
  • “Whether you’re starting at 50 or 60 or even 80, you can prevent injury and your loss of mobility just simply by moving every day.”
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Caren Glasser

Latest posts by Caren Glasser (see all)