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What Can A Sparklet Branded Group Channel Do For You?

A Sparklet Branded Group Channel is a section of pages inside the Spark It Network that is custom branded and linked to your organization or group. It’s a “Mini-Site” that you can direct your personalized .com onto.

Affliate Commission Earned With Each Member, Each Month

As the Channel Host, you can bring in members with your Affiliate link and get a 40% commission each month they stay subscribed. They may be subscribed at any level. from Basic Author to Video Channel.

Bonus - We have  a second affliate level at 10%, so if one of your referrals goes on to add people, you get a nice bonus.

Ad Spaces On Channels That You Can Sell Or Give As Bonuses

As the Channel Host, you can also have 3 Spaces for ads and promotions on each of your Channel pages that lead to your affiliate links or products showcased on your Channel pages and Episode pages.

Group Channels Host 10 to 75 Members (Recommended Maximum)

Increased Visibility And Group Sharing

Your articles, videos and podcasts and those of your members get shared in your Sparklet Channel on the home page and in the main area of Spark It Network. Your Channel gets a listing in the Channel menu and a special section on the Spark It Network home page.

Collaborative Blog Site Benefits Using Our Site

Since we do Social Media sharing and advanced SEO work like Video site maps and analytics setup, you and your Channel members get benefits without the infrastructure needed on a self hosted site.

No Billing Or Customer Support Work For You

You don’t have to handle tech support or customer support for your members. We handle their setup, training and billing.

We do recommend you have a group sharing forum, but it's optional.

Member Benefits And Training

Spark It Network provides training material on Content Quality standards, getting more Sparks, Creating and Adding images for more information.
You and your members get more visibility and better results on their own sites.

Requirements for Hosting Your Sparklet Branded Group Channel

We have a few requirement for hosting your Channel, necessary for the health and vitality of our site and network.

Video files can be hosted on your website, YouTube, Vimeo or other paid video servers. We recommend YouTube for publicly shared videos that are offered for free and use of a paid video server for paid/private content and as safety measure.

Podcast files must be hosted on your own site or podcast server such as Libsyn or AmazonS3 - we can assist you with setup and special discounts. This is important for the health and speed of our site and it benefits you to have it set up this way for your website as well.

Minimum 10 Members, Maximum 75

An active channel needs at least 10 ongoing members. We will set up your promotions page and sign up links for you to share so new members get listed as your affiliate sale. You have 60 days to get the first 10 members, and membership needs to average above 10 over the course of the year.
If you have 75 ongoing members, we will want to transition you to your own membership site so you have more potential revenues. Members in this volume and growing can support building the site and virtual customer service staff.

One Time Channel Setup $750

This covers:
- Custom branding of your channel
- Initial setup of your promotional landing page
- Affiliate links and ads to put on your site
- Optional forum setup
- Opt in form embedded on your page
- Setup of your first 3 ads - you can change ads once a month

Purchase This Plus A Subscription Option From Choices Below

Sparklet Branded Group Channel Monthly - $100 per month

This is a 1 month subscription at the Spark It Network Sparklet Branded Group Channel level
As a Spark It Network member at the Spark It Network Sparklet Branded Group Channel level you get:
• Dedicated and Custom Branded Sparklet Channel and personalized mini site Pages with your contact details

• Opt in to grow your list
• Special front page promotions
• 3 Spaces for ads and promotions on each page that lead to your affiliate links or products on your Channel page and Episode pages.


One Time Channel Setup $750 - Purchase Above And We'll Set Up Your Channel!

No group? You can have your own Sparklet Branded Media Channel - Showcasing Your Podcasts and Videos with Your Branding.