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Why Are You In A Relationship? Determining Your Sense Of Purpose

As time passes by, people sometimes forget why and how they got together in the first place. Perhaps, the tendency to fail to recall these things was born out of the monotony of the “supposedly” romantic relationship.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you were capable of recalling, with full awareness, all the things and factors that made you and your loved one hook up and decide to form a love relationship in the first place? It would be like living in the present all the time, only that you both look ten or twenty years older.

VALENTINE DAYNot a lot of people can really tell why they are in the relationship they are currently in. Some may even feel stuck, saying things like “I became so attached” or “I don’t know how to let go” even if they are fully aware that it has become a bad relationship through time. Nevertheless, how can they even tell that it has all gone sour when they don’t even know why and how they got to where they are now?

Knowing The How And Why

Knowing the answers to the “how” and “why” needs a few preliminaries. First and foremost, you have to determine your sense of purpose in the intimate relationship. “Are you with your girlfriend or boyfriend because you want to or because you need to? What gain do you get out of the bond? Is it good enough for you? Is he or she good enough for you?” These are some of the questions that you might want to answer first.

If you know the answers to most of the questions, then you are well on your way to gaining control of your decisions. Plus, you need to keep in mind that it doesn’t stop in merely knowing. If you happen to realie that the relationship is not worth it or is bad for your well being, then you better do something about it. You can either make an effort to talk to your girlfriend or boyfriend about your relationship problems with the intention of fixing them or you can just walk away from the destructive atmosphere and start anew.

Bear in mind that whenever you are in a romantic relationship, you also need to love yourself. If you do this, you will be able to see your purpose more clearly and be more competent to decide for yourself.

Let Your Sense Of Purpose Guide Your Way

Needless to say, you need to hone you ability to decide appropriately for yourself, as well as for the good of the relationship. But instead of leaving it all to chance, you can better do this by listening to your sense of purpose. Letting it guide you as you go along the path of a love relationship, together with your boyfriend or girlfriend, is the right way to go.

For instance, if you and your loved one is currently facing difficult challenges in your relationship, there is a great tendency for any of you to just let go and watch everything fall to pieces. This is where a deep sense of purpose comes into the rescue.

Acknowledging the reasons why you both are in a relationship and determining your purpose are helpful in not making you lose your way back to each other. Because when emotions are constantly bombarded by negative and undesirable feelings, your best chance to keeping that relationship intact is to make use of your sense of purpose, alongside your genuine understanding of the situation.

A Strong Sense Of Purpose Builds A More Lasting Relationship

If a relationship is founded on nothing more than physical attractions, then it will more likely end up in the drain. Then again, if the foundations are a great deal deeper and more concrete, then chances are it will stay alive for months and years to come.

Determining a sense of purpose is important in building a more lasting relationship. Of course, both you and your loved one should commit to finding out why you are in the relationship. As they say, “it takes two to tango”. This also holds true in any relationship.

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day and remember it is so much more than just one day!!! A relationship needs to be watered like a flower everyday to keep it alive!.

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Christina Young (The Healing Heart Coach) is a passionate, loving coach who helps women through the pain of relationship challenges, divorce and life after divorce. Christina is an author of “A Woman’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity” and “Love is a Rollercoaster” Christina is called on by the media for advice and has been on radio in the UK and USA and interviewed on TV. Having gone through her own personal relationship challenge she understands exactly how painful it can be. Christina knows how life can be when you come from a place of love and forgiveness. Christina is also helping people live a healthy life through the Thrive Experience.