The Power of Forgiveness & Re-Create Your Life with Brenda Reiss

The Power of Forgiveness and Re-Create Your Life with Brenda Reiss

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I welcome and introduce you to my special guest, Brenda Reiss who is a Certified Radical Forgiveness® Coach, Soul Journey’s® Akashic Record Consultant and Heal Your Money Story© Coach. She is also certified Usui (Pronounced U-sue-e) Reiki Practitioner and a self-taught master in the art of recovery and the power of forgiveness.

the power of forgivenessShe believes that life is not designed to be a struggle. It is designed to be a grand and glorious exploration and expression of all you are and all you have to offer. Fun and enjoyment are meant to be our lives and will share what Re-Creation Coaching is all about.

Brenda shares her experiences which led her to learn more about the power of forgiveness and what inspired her to become a Master Radical Forgiveness® Coach.

She shares the 5 stages of Radical Forgiveness beginning with (1) telling your story, which releases the victim story from your body and gives it a voice; (2) feel the feelings and release them as you can’t heal what you can’t feel; (3) bringing compassion to your reflective state; (4) stepping into the beginning of radical forgiveness when you reframe your life, shifting from victim to victor and open up to possibilities as you become the observer of your life; and (5) integration of radical forgiveness where you choose peace.

Brenda goes into more detail with these 5 stages within our conversation.

Brenda also shares more about her work as an Akashic Soul Record Consultant and what attracted her to the divine process of accessing the Record Keepers to discover one’s soul truth to allow clearing and healing for a brighter future.

Brenda offers the “Emerge-N-See” 4 step process that you can implement immediately:

1. Shift your mindset within a stressful situation to say “look what I created” which gets you out of your head and allows you to become the observer.

2. Notice your judgments and love yourself.

3. Be willing to see the imperfections.

4. Choose the power of peace.

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