The New Age of Aging!

“I do what I do because the alternative scares me. Aging old, becoming irrelevant, disappearing into the background are all totally unacceptable to me. I believe this is the New Age of Aging.” – Pro-age Advocate, Meri Frischman

On this episode of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Caren Glasser and Meri Frischman talk about The New Age of Aging!

They cover the following topics:

    • What Pro-aging means and how we can live a life of “possibility” and “choice
    • Choosing to live as a reflection of our wisdom, our years of acquired knowledge, our intuitive instincts, our uniqueness, our creativity, our dreams; while celebrating and appreciating our individuality.
    • Choosing to encourage and uplift each other; rather than to compete and judge.

Meri Frischman is a pro-age advocate and creator of the immensely popular Insta page which is a self proclaimed passion project that has enabled her to live a lifelong dream. She has created a community of like-minded women to support, uplift and encourage each other to continue to strive toward our best selves.



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