Setting Healthy Boundaries that Promote Happiness, Health and Harmony

Setting Healthy Boundaries that Promote Happiness, Health and Harmony

Healthy Boundaries

Cynthia Mazzaferro

In this episode of The Nancy Ferrari Show, I welcome my guest, Cynthia Mazzaferro, who is a powerful transformational coach and author who has been teaching and inspiring thousands for over 40 years with her 3 Essential Keys to find THE POWER WITHIN. She is a Reiki Master, retired physical therapist and previous owner of an Ergonomic and Educational company. Cindy believes that we significantly impact every part of our being on an emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and even what we bring into our lives. What this means is that YOU hold the POWER WITHIN to create the life that you want and were meant to live. Some people may feel this to be overwhelming and daunting and ultimately do not want to take ownership of what they have created in their life; but that knowledge is the BEST NEWS available because YOU can also change anything that you have the desire for.

Cynthia shares her expertise about setting healthy boundaries that promote happiness, health and harmony and why they are so important; the ability and importance of saying NO; understanding why we lower our boundaries to serve others and what may be the basis for our intervention; boundaries and their connection to our NEEDS; healthy boundaries with relationships; and the impact stress has on our bodies/life and the role boundaries can play.

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