Is Your Relationship Built On Compatibility?

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Is Your Relationship Built On Compatibility?

It has been said that compatibility in relationships is the key in making it happy and lasting. And so comes the golden question how can a person know who is perfectly compatible with him or her? Realistically, relationship compatibility isn’t all about the chemistry and sparks that two people feel when they are with each other. It is just one very important factor that could either make or break a relationship.

CompatibiltyImportance of Relationship Compatibility

Relationship compatibility is really important because if it is not present in a certain relationship, it may cause break-ups and other problems. Without compatibility, couples cannot have the fighting spirit to stick it out until the very end. Notice that couples who have stayed with each other for a long time have one thing in common: they have more or less similar likes and dislikes, and that is what makes them compatible.

How To Know If You and Your Partner Have Compatibility

Let’s tackle the most basic thing first and the physical aspect. You know that you are compatible with someone if you think that he or she is attractive and he or she feels or thinks the same towards you. It would be ridiculous to deem you relationship is incompatible if only one of you is attracted to another. Basically, mutual physical sexual attraction is the first sign of compatibility.

The next aspect is the emotional aspect. You will know that you are compatible with someone if both of you feel happy and comfortable when you are with each other. You value each other and you see each other as an important part of your lives. This is also the part wherein you learn to discover your similarities and differences. Compatibility becomes evident when you have more similarities than differences.

This is also the part wherein you learn to discover your similarities and differences. Compatibility becomes evident when you have more similarities than differences.

Compromise has always been the easiest solution that couples have whenever they are faced with issues regarding their differences. Meeting each other halfway is perhaps the best thing to do so that nobody would feel that he or she lost the fight or argument. Remember, a healthy relationship involves compromise. For couples who are determined to make their relationship work, selfishness doesn’t have a room in their lives.

Deal With Incompatibility

If ever you find out that you and your partner are terribly incompatible, do not lose hope and give up right away. Remember that the words opposites attract would not become popular if it just had a hollow meaning.

Coming to a point when you realise that you and your partner aren’t compatible can be quite sad and depressing. You may even experience denial up to the point that you force the two of you to exist and live with each other, to stay together, yet, you just end up tired and disappointed because the truth will still come out that you two are really incompatible.

When this happens, don’t be too hard on yourself. You just have to accept that there are really some things in life that are not meant to be. If you want, you can try to work things out between you and your partner, but if after all your efforts, you still have problems regarding incompatibility, accept the fact that maybe someone else is waiting for you out there.

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