Prospecting Your Inner Jewel with Laurie Seymour

Prospecting Your Inner Jewel with Laurie Seymour

Welcome 2016! So excited to share my first guest of the year on The Nancy Ferrari Show. I introduce you to Laurie Seymour, M.A., a provocative speaker, author and Master Facilitator who knows that life’s deepest answers shine through when you get quiet and connect with your inner resources. She has spent decades studying and working with energy systems dedicated to inner focus, manifesting potential and self-mastery. Her research proved that unlocking your potential was more powerful than believing you needed fixing. So what did she do? She left her career as a psychotherapist to found The Baca Journey, inspiring and igniting people to claim the resonance of their own wisdom.

Once they learn to trust their inner voice they have the foundation for everything they dream about creating in the world. They shine from the inside-out, confident in their actions.

Laurie illuminates as mentor, speaker and through her Prospecting Your Inner Jewel online program where she teaches people how to create a lasting relationship with their inner guidance system. She facilitates connected community through her weekly video Live Meditation Plus online sessions, bringing together people from around the world to experience the gifts of meditation.

Laurie was initiated in 1997 as one of the two Turaya Grand Masters and teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation around the world. She writes for The Huffington Post and The Magic Happens and is a contributing author in the Amazon #1 best-sellers The Wisdom of Midlife Women 2 and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul.

Laurie shares how to open up to receive an even deeper inner wisdom, how to answer the call to inspired action and provides techniques how to best attain clarity through meditation and living aligned with your own truth.

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