On Pictures and Politics

On Politics….

To underline earlier posts I have written:

I will not be posting about Donald Trump’s looks. I don’t care what the hell he looks like. Why do you? When he looks himself in the mirror in the morning he will only ever see himself as a triumphant hero, while I will only ever see him as a con, prideful in the midst of his depredation. His soul is ugly no matter what he looks like. No nasty picture vomited onto social media will fix that.

I will not be posting about his wife’s nudity or her marrying a creepy rich guy. That’s her problem. That is her life. Those choices are hers alone and only affect her. They have no bearing on anyone else’s life. Not mine. Not yours.

I’d like to think I am not a hypocrite. If the right attacking Michelle’s looks and sartorial choices were disgusting? Then the left attacking Melania for those self same subjects are every bit as vile. Just because they did it, doesn’t make you doing it any more acceptable. As I have said before, what Melania does with her body is none of my damn business….and none of yours either. Unless she is harming someone else or me personally? Attacking Melania is off of the table.

Trump’s children?

Unless their choices involve public policy, conflicts of interest that affect the United States, or the slaughtering of helpless wild animals, I will not be commenting on Trump’s children’s personal lives. No doubt they will soon hoist themselves on their own petards with little to no assistance from me.

I will certainly not be publicly diagnosing Trump’s youngest son with anything other than having a father to be ashamed of.

What I will be posting about? Trump’s vision for our country. His policies. Criminal actions. Decisions that threaten our freedoms. Choices that will harm the poor, minorities, the LGBTQ community and women. I will snarl considerably about appointments or directives that will threaten progress, women’s rights, our justice system, the economy, climate change, peace and the what we plan on doing to the rest of the world.

People have deleted me off of FB and as friends for some of my political posts, a few I even liked, so why do I bother? Why stand up? or Why be divisive? Why? Because in university I started out as a history major. Because of that background, I am all too aware of what has come before wearing the self-same cloak of innocent shrugs.

Why? Because my family on my father’s side are Jews. As a child in Michigan I was attacked physically and verbally for being a Jew. It went on for years. Having experienced racism first hand, I’ll never stand by and watch that kind of racism mount against anyone else. Never. Neither should you.

Oh, I could just sit by, post up art, humor, poetry, the jewelry I am making, the writings I admire.

Cool photos….and I still will. But I will also post about politics. Politics as they stand today will affect all of the other things I post about. You think not? Wait…..

You don’t need to tell me that anything I say will be lost in a sea of apathy. That no elected official or politician will ever see what I write, nor will they care. That will be true. But if all of us write. All of us care. All of us publicly have something to say…..it will get to their ears. It will affect how others vote. It will affect who we elect. Speak.

So drop the critiques, photos and personal attacks about looks, clothes, beauty, and anything that smacks of mean girl/boy petty sniping. Note the weird, threatening or bizarre tweets and other purposeful distractions, but then also look for the real news that the outrageous tweets are attempting to distract us from. Find that news and sing it out. Stop being manipulated by all of those tiny beads that come from Trump repeatedly ripping apart his bean bag chair of psychotic late night tweeting. Look instead for the ticking time bombs he has hidden behind his back…..or in plain sight.

Liberals, and I proudly count myself as a liberal, tend to stay silent. We aren’t a very angry group as a whole. We are mostly a live-and-let-live, help your neighbor and your friends, avoid a fight collection of folks. Well, it is long past time to throw that model in the trash and get up off of our asses. What are you waiting for? The trains?

So don’t just sit there. Get up and volunteer.

Whether it is just to share a post on social media that enlightens or exposes a threat to our country, to vulnerable communities or to our own wellbeing. Work a phone bank, donate money to a cause, attend meetings that may help to force change. Step in to stop harassment when you see it happening. Don’t just sit there passively while arms are gathered in your face.

Stop the pettiness. Pay attention. Stay focused. Do something.

Because really, that is what being a responsible adult is all about isn’t it? Making intelligent, mature choices that could save the world?

Speak out. Stand up. Save the world. At least save yourself.

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