Making Love v Having Sex

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Making Love v Having Sex

I want to make love and he just wants sex – why are we so different?

What’s the difference between making love and having sex, and do you need both in your relationship? Do you and your partner see eye to eye on this touchy subject? If your love life is perfect don’t bother reading this.

Today, we often confuse the expression “making love” with having sex.

Is there a difference between sex and making love? Yes there’s a world of difference between the two. And they both play an important part in any love relationship.

Making Love

Making love is totally different from having sex. Sexual interaction is something wonderful to enjoy whereas “making love” is something to experience. Sex is momentary whereas lovemaking is eternal. Making love usually comes from the heart whereas sex is more satisfying our human need.

Making love is one of the most beautiful experiences that a human being can partake in. Making love is said to be the joining of bodies. Making love is also tender and slow and sensual. Making love is two love partners experiencing their oneness with each other. Making love is physical, fun and involves emotions (feelings) not just lust.

Having Sex

Great sex is an important and active ingredient in all healthy love relationships. Sex is as important to a healthy relationship as seasoning is to food. Sex is fun and pleasure is good for us. Sexual playfulness is vital for continuing to experience each other as lovers.

The different perspectives of men and women

To a lot of men, it seems that there is no difference between having sex and making love. Most women on the other hand want to make love instead of having sex. This is part of our make up and it can cause friction in a relationship. That’s why it’s important that both parties are aware of the differences and even more importantly that they are aware of and respect their partners perspective on making love and having sex.

Another form of discontent can arise because women often need to be wooed outside of the bedroom if they are going to meet their man’s desires in it whereas men are often oblivious to this and see things differently.

The implications of making love and having sex on Relationships

It can cause friction and resentment if both partners are always on different wavelengths in the bedroom.

Making love is a fun way to crown a happy relationship. But good love making cannot save a bad relationship. Making love cannot keep two people together, and it’s the first thing that goes when the relationship starts falling apart. Sometimes sexual indifferences arise from other relationship problems, like quarrelling, unfaithfulness, or never taking time to talk.

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Christina Young (The Healing Heart Coach) is a passionate, loving coach who helps women through the pain of relationship challenges, divorce and life after divorce. Christina is an author of “A Woman’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity” and “Love is a Rollercoaster” Christina is called on by the media for advice and has been on radio in the UK and USA and interviewed on TV. Having gone through her own personal relationship challenge she understands exactly how painful it can be. Christina knows how life can be when you come from a place of love and forgiveness. Christina is also helping people live a healthy life through the Thrive Experience.