The Little White Lie – Let’s Talk Beauty Over 50: Questions and Tips

The Little White Lie – Let’s Talk Beauty Over 50: Questions and Tips

As a Boomer, what are your biggest beauty concerns, your Little White Lie? What tips would you like to get from your fellow Little White Liars about Beauty Over 50?

We here at the Little White Lie Movement have been talking a lot about the inner game of aging: embracing our authentic selves and loving ourselves in our not-30-anymore skin. We’ve had some great interviews with experts on topics like Feeling Beautiful At Any Age, How to Handle The Media’s Youth-Worshiping Messages, Thriving As a Boomer in The Work World, and Following Your Dreams No Matter What Age You Are.

Beauty over 50As my natural hair color – white – grows in, I’m beginning to think more about what else is going to change once I am all white (including if I stay that way, which is not a given — this is all about choice, right?). If I decide to go ahead and rock my white hair, my wardrobe colors will likely change, makeup, hair care, eyeglasses, who knows what else?

So, I think it’s time to get down and dirty and practical about what we can do to leverage our looks and image as we age. I mean, it’s going to happen no matter how much we say we’re ready to rock the wrinkles and love the skin we’re in. But that doesn’t mean we’re ready to throw in the beauty towel, does it? NO!

This blog is yours — I really want to hear from you on questions or concerns you have about skin care, hair care, makeup, exercising, whatever. And answers: Share your tips with the LWL community. We want to know how you’re leveraging your look!

Let’s start with hair care.

A friend told me that she grew up thinking that she’d have to cut her beloved long hair once she turned 50 (and she’s getting close to that age). Not so! Anything goes when it comes to hairstyles – so feel free to stay with your favorite style if it looks great and makes YOU feel great. And now there are so many really good products on the market that keep hair strong and healthy.

A top concern for women post-menopause is thinning hair; products like Rogaine for women can help with that so you’re not tied to perming or cutting your hair short to make it seem fuller..

One product I use for my hair is Unite Argan Oil – it’s non-greasy, keeps my hair healthy, and you can actually use it directly on your skin because it’s anti-aging and healing! Another fantastic reason to find your own path to beauty – more organic, healthy solutions out there than ever before.

If you’re going ‘Silver Fox’ there are glazes and glosses that will bring out the shine, and blue-hued shampoos to take away that yellowish cast. Has anyone used these products? If so, what’s your experience?

Makeup Tips For Beauty Over 50 – Boom! Makeup Artist turned Super Model Cindy Joseph offers 5 makeup tips for “older women.” Generally, less is more…
1. Use cream-based, not powder-based cosmetics on your face. Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture.
2. For lipstick color, find a tone that matches your inner lip or gums.
3. Women over 50 tend to lose definition in their eyebrows. Just go with that, rather than recreating the brows you had in your 20s.
4. Do not wear eye shadow. A little bit of mascara is OK.
5. If you’re going to use a foundation to even out skin tone, find one that gives coverage but doesn’t add texture. Matching your skin tone exactly is critical.

One expert’s opinion – what do you think?

Skin Care Beauty Over 50 – Crucial at any age, and important to your health. How many of us worshipped the sun when we were young putting oil on our skin to tan more, and are reaping the bad results from it now? We didn’t know any better then, but we do now! Here are some quick reminders:
● Wear sunscreen every day – there is no “safe” tan.
● Drink plenty of water.
● Eat well – lots of fresh fruits and veggies, less sugar.
● Use a cleanser that’s right for your skin type – which may not be the same one you used in your 20’s!
● Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.
● Ask a licensed aesthetician or dermatologist if you’re wondering which products are right for you.

Let us know what you do (or don’t do and should) to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

What do you think, fellow Little White Liars — Are these topics you want to know more about? Would you like to share your tips and thoughts to help others? Get into the conversation and take part in the direction of the LWL Movement! Here’s how:
1) Add your questions, answers and thoughts in the comments below.
2) Take my survey now on where you see the question: “What is your biggest concern about aging?”
3) Share your comments on Facebook and don’t forget to use the hashtag #LittleWhiteLie.

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Jeanette Reply

As a woman well over 50, I was curious about your blog. One thing I have learned in my 70 plus years, is there are no “dont’s when it comes to beauty and appearance. My motto is “Do what works for you”. For example I have always worn makeup and I still wear eyeshadow, albeit more subtle and less dramatic than in my glorious youth. As for women embracing their age, much easier said than done. I have a theory that very attractive women have a much more difficult time when they age as opposed to an average looking woman. Beauty is an asset and beautiful women know how to use it. As their beauty fades, they grieve the loss of that asset and are suddenly invisible. I really would like to see more candor when it comes to women and aging. While we should not go around in sackcloth and ashes, it is a bit disingenuous to be advised to “EMBRACE” one’s age.

Caren Glasser Reply

Hi Jeanette,
Thank you for commenting! Your motto, “Do what works for you” is spot-on our Little White Lie message. We talk a lot about how society dictates how women “should” age and be beautiful, and in truth there is no particular way. What inspired me to write this blog is that, while we can advise women to “embrace” their age, it definitely can be easier said than done. That’s why I wanted to get into the practical aspects of that, and to hear what other women are saying – like you. Here’s the thing…. we’re all going to age, beautiful and not; we all have to make our own choices on how we’re going to show up as a result of these realities.

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