Life is Your Party … With A Little Pixie Dust!

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Life is Your Party … With A Little Pixie Dust!

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! My featured guest is Sarah Vargo, author of her new book “Life is Your Party; With A Little Pixie Dust”. The book is a humorous, inspiring, light-hearted, enlightening comparison between the elements of party planning and spiritual awakening.

partyShe is also a certified Reiki Master, Holistic Life Coach, Energy Alchemist and “Party Girl” who loves to ignite the inner star inside all of us so we shine a little brighter. Her work brings inspiration, cheer and sunshine to the world through the love, grace and beauty her clients find on the inside and outside.

Sarah’s current creation – Stargo – specializes in energy clearing and balancing in addition to Self Love Reiki, Divine Path Reiki, Feng Shui, high frequency energy-embedded art, and angelic intuitive healing and readings. Her professional background ranges from marketing, events, social media, charity work to energy and intuitive healings, readings and life coaching. Through the Stargo vision, Sarah is excited to be a personal life cheerleader and awaken the inner star for many through inspiration, laughter, motivation, leadership, coaching and love.

Sarah shares her journey from childhood when she was innately curious, highly intuitive, and energetic and how it led her to a career as an Event Planner, in addition to her holistic practice, and encourages people to shine their inner light.

Sarah shared some techniques to start living a vibrant and heart-centered life:

  • Asking for what you desire
  • Allowing positivity in your life
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • Spending time in nature
  • Activate yourself to a higher vibration
  • Get creative in your expression through art, journaling or whatever calls to you

Sarah also suggests the use of positive affirmations such as “love only exists here, release and transmute all fear”. It’s like having a tree house that says “No Fear Allowed” instead of “No Boys Allowed”. She shares how incredible it is when you work with God to bring more love in all you do!

Quotable ~ “When we accept the fluidity of life and don’t view occasions as landmarks that must be perfect, we accept the notion that perfection does not exist … Rock and roll with your fine self” ~ Sarah Vargo

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