It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again with Julia Cameron

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It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again with Julia Cameron

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to Julia Cameron, an internationally acclaimed and active artist for more than 3 decades, the author of over 40 books, including such bestselling works as The Artist’s Way, Walking in This World, and Finding Water and is also a playwright, songwriter, and poet with multiple credits in theater, film, and television. Julia Cameron’s latest release is “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again: Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond”.

As 10,000 people enter retirement every day, “It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again” is the essential toolkit for anyone looking to take that next big leap, whether it’s retiring or moving forward into a creative venture.

Julia cameron

Julia shares why creative and artistic guidance is so vital when entering retirement and offers 3 tips that you can begin immediately:

1. Write “morning pages” every day, which consist of handwriting 3 daily pages longhand, stream-of-consciousness writing “for your eyes only”.

2. Plan an Artist Date, which is a once-a-week solo expedition on which you can explore something that interests or entrances you. Artist Dates, by contrast, are assigned play. You will experience a heightened sense of well-being, experience intuitive insights and breakthroughs, and worth your while to resist your resistance.

3. The Power of Walking! Julia shares that your walk should be alone, not with your cell phone, dog, or another person. Walking is an exercise in receptivity as you fill the creative well. You will notice new images and make new connections. Statistically, problems are solved when walking alone and also brings forth answers to questions.

This book is not only filled with tools of guidance and words of wisdom, but is designed as a 12-week course aimed at defining and creating the life you want to have as you redefine and recreate yourself.

“The book you hold in your hands is the distillate of a quarter century’s teaching. It is my attempt to answer ‘What Next?’ for students who are embarking on their ‘second act.'” ~ Julia Cameron

Please visit Julia Cameron at where you can order this book, as well as all her 40+ books!

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