Is Music The Universal Language?

“A #superboomer is someone who continues to grow and evolve as a person, both personally and professionally. She also wants to continue making an impact in his/her area of expertise. “ – @ellenallardmusic
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Music the universal language

On this episode of The Super Boomer Lifestyle Caren Glasser and Ellen Allard talk about Music The Universal Language

We cover the following topics:

    • First we tackle the question is Music the universal language?

    • How Ellen became The Queen of Jewish Early Childhood Music.

    • In addition, we talk about how to leave a remarkable legacy.
    • We also talk about how to embrace your mistakes make an impact

    • Finally we talk about using music to explore and live the most joyful way possible.

Ellen Allard is an award-winning Performer, Music Educator, Composer, and Confidence Coach. She is also one of the most engaging performers on today’s Jewish music scene. She has a strong commitment to building community through music. As a result, her songs are considered the gold standard when it comes to empowering people to strengthen their Jewish identities. In addition, she has been published by fellow singer-songwriters on 31 recordings and 11 songbooks. Ellen has been performing and teaching music to young children, adults, and families for over 40 years.



Caren’s shareable, less-than-140-character quotes:

“Once I embraced how many years it took me to get here, it felt empowering to say that I was The Queen.” – @ellenallardmusic
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“It really makes the world a better place when you reach out and be kind to everyone.” – @ellenallardmusic
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“Embrace your mistakes – they are your friends. That’s how you grow” – @ellenallardmusic
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