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How to Honor Our Spirit

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode we talk about how to honor our spirit. I introduce you to Carolyn Coleridge, LCSW. She is a psychotherapist, Intuitive, Healer and author of the book “Honor Your Spirit”.  Carolyn is a graduate of Columbia University School with a Masters in Clinical Social Work. She is a therapist with 20 years experience, licensed in New York, New Jersey and California. She has also incorporated spiritual healing practices into her work as a psycho-therapist. This includes teaching Mindfulness Meditation, and Energy Awareness at major HMOs and psychiatric hospitals.

She has a private psychotherapy, healing, coaching and intuitive counseling practice in Los Angeles, CA. She is also a Reiki Master, Pranic Healer, Integrative Energy Therapist and Theta Healing Practitioner. Carolyn has appeared on numerous media outlets, including CNN International demonstrating energy healing with hands on healing with children in chronic pain, where she worked as a voluntary faculty member of the Pediatric Pain Program at UCLA.

Honor Our SpiritCarolyn shares her inspiration for writing her book and how we can honor our spirit by understanding that your spirit is the part of you that inspires you to listen from within.

It is the whisper of the Soul that gets you on track as you become more aware of messages that come your way. She uses an acronym for the word SPIRIT to define its meaning:

S = Synchronicity and Signs.

Pay attention to synchronicities, coincidences or incidences that coincide in your life. They come your way for a reason.

P = Purposeful and Passionate.

The Spirit has reasons when it gives you a nudge. When the spirit urges you to do something, know that it has purpose, that might not be revealed immediately, however, it will move you on the path towards your destiny. The spirit also helps you find your passion. You will know you’re in tune with your spirit when you have “a-ha” moments or goosebumps which indicate the closeness to your passion.

I = Intuitive and Insightful.

Your intuition means “inner teacher” and when you learn to trust it, listen to it, you’ll receive great insight about your life and soul awareness.

R = Renewing and Recharging.

Your spirit revitalizes your body, mind and soul and when you are depleted, it is your spirit that tells you to rest, take a vacation, or go within. You’ll feel more renewed and recharged as you create new ideas, new songs, tap into your creativity and more.

I. Intelligent and Inspirational.

Your spirit is highly intelligent .. even more intelligent than the cognitive mind! We all have an intelligent inspirational part that lies within our souls. Listen to what inspires you, as that is your spirit in motion!

T. Truth and Trust.

Your spirit only knows truth and is honest and trustworthy. Once you tap into the spirit’s truth, intuitive insights will come your way and will lead you on the path to your soul’s fulfillment.

Carolyn also shares the importance of forgiveness which is the path to love. Continue to go with your heart and listen to your spirit.

She also shared fascinating information about Saturn Return. You will be amazed to learn that Saturn is the planet of lessons that come your way every 7 years!

To learn more about Carolyn, please visit her at and her book “Honor Your Spirit” is available from Amazon.

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