The Art of Happiness ~ Making the World Happier with Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney, LinktoEXPERT member, has released a new edition of The Art of Happiness books.

HappinessThe podcaster, international speaker and HuffPost contributor refrains from pontification. She does this all the while incorporating wit, wisdom and plenty of personal stories in her series. She offers reflective questions and anecdotal tales that aid others in their personal growth. This Art of Happiness book is available through LinktoEXPERT (Although it was originally released on Amazon). There are six areas where the author claims personal happiness gets stuck: Comfort Zones, Influence, Judgment, Competition, Values and finally what she refers to as Nonsense.

Maura Sweeney helps readers better direct themselves toward happiness.

She arms them with the latest editions with richer content and a new section entitled Time for You.

“The world dictates to people rather than inviting them to look within,” says Sweeney. She has made Living Happy – Inside Out both mantra and vocation. “People don’t realize the introspection and courage it takes to achieve genuine happiness.”

Happiness is fast becoming a nexus of thought in the U.S. and abroad.

Maura stands at the vanguard of the movement. In addition to her books, blogs and podcasts, the author has lectured in seven foreign countries as well as being featured over 200 times in the media.

Find Maura Sweeney’s latest books in the Art of Happiness series at as well as LinktoEXPERT. Download each one immediately for $2.49. You will find books on Comfort Zones, Influence, Judgment, Competition, Values and Nonsense can be read in any order.

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