The Little White Lie: An Interview with Below Deck Mediterranean’s Hannah Ferrier

The Little White Lie: An Interview with Below Deck Med’s Hannah Ferrier

The Little White Lie Movement is all about embracing your authentic self and how to follow your dreams, no matter how many messages you hear that you CAN’T — because of your age, looks, gender, background, etc. I love to highlight women who are doing just that, to showcase them and to inspire all of us to embrace our awesomeness and dream big!

As many of you know, I was on Bravo’s popular reality TV show Below Deck Mediterranean. I’ve been keeping up with some of the crew which you can read about HERE, and I’m thrilled to invite back Hannah Ferrier, Chief Stewardess on the mega yacht “Sirocco” for another conversation.

Hannah Ferrier is a great example of a young woman who knows herself, is comfortable in her skin, and goes after her dreams!

“Listen in” to our conversation…

LWL: You’re described as a hard worker…”relentlessly striving for perfection both on charter and on land.” And I know you to be a strong woman — a gutsy Aussie! Where do you think these qualities from from?

Hannah: I think my drive in life comes down to my early teen years. I grew up on a very small island, and my family was struck by tragedy when I was 5 years old [her brother died of an illness at 10]. This led to a hard few years for us, and I ended up leaving school at the age of 13. I immediately started working full time, and spent the next 7 years working my way towards success in IT and Telecommunications in Sydney [Australia]. I was told by many people I wouldn’t amount to anything because of the age I left school. and I was determined to prove them wrong.

This has continued into my yachting career.

LWL: Sounds like someone who goes after what she wants, no matter what! What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to face along the way to now?

Hannah FerrierHannah: I think my biggest challenge to date would be the early days of my working life. I used to leave home at 6am, waitress all day and get home at 8pm — 6 days a week. It certainly makes you tough!!

I also found the decision to leave my career, boyfriend, family, friends and gorgeous BMW at home to go and explore the world at age 23. It was a hard one!

LWL: So travel and exploring the world was obviously really important to you. What would you like to say to people about how travel has influenced your life?

Hannah: I really believe the best thing young people can do with their lives is travel. It teaches you so much about the world, humankind, culture but most importantly — yourself. I have always believed the only way to truly know and love someone else is to truly know and love yourself.

Travel is an amazing way to learn to love yourself.

LWL: How did the Below Deck Med reality show opportunity come about?

Hannah: After doing 5 seasons of Mediterranean sea tours as chief stew, I went to work in the States. But I missed the culture of Europe so much that I came back 6 weeks later. One of my best friends and I had left boats at the same time so went traveling for the rest of summer. Then I was approached by Bravo about the show and thought, “Why the hell not???!” You only live once and I recognised this for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that it is!!

LWL: What is it like working on a luxury yacht in exotic places, being asked to meet whatever client demands pop up?

Any funny stories that stand out?

Hannah: Wow!! Far too many stories to tell!! I remember being in the middle of nowhere down the South Coast of Italy, and having to bribe a small pub to open at 4am so we could watch the final of the World Cup. Then we drew straws to see who could sneak off the boat to watch it!! Once my boss demanded I get the candy-coated nuts he loved while in the middle of the Greek Islands. I had to have someone fly down with them that day from South of France and then helicopter them to the yacht — for sweets!!

LWL: You’re clearly a popular “reality star.” You have so many fans who LOVE you. I saw a Tweet that said, “In times of crisis I just like to think what would Hannah do?”

Do you see yourself as a role model? And if so, how?

Hannah: I certainly don’t see myself as a role model!! I spoke in depth with my parents before doing this show as they know me to my inner core. I told them the only way I would do this is if I was 100% myself — warts and all. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes but I think that’s why the viewers seem to relate to me.
If I was going to be a role model in any way it would be to say [and show how to]: Be comfortable within your own skin and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. It can be hard to be head of a department on a yacht which is primarily male-dominated, but I always stand up for what I believe is right. Whether for myself or my girls.

LWL: What’s it like being famous? I see that it’s really important to you to keep true to yourself and weather the storms that celebrity can cause. How’s that going?

Hannah: It’s going very well!!! I think it might be a bit easier for me as the majority of my time is split between South of France and Australia, although the show is taking off in Australia and I do get recognized here now… But don’t stress — my girlfriends keep me very grounded and I have no intention of forgetting where I came from!!

The most important thing in this day and age is to not allow the social media to get to you in a negative way or in a way that your ego gets out of control.

LWL: Is it tough being away for weeks at a time and then re-establishing relationships and routines — or does that keep everything fresh and exciting?

Hannah: Honestly, I am a very big believer in living in the moment. If I’m in France – I’m in France, and same goes for Australia. Luckily I have the most amazing, beautiful friends in the world, and they accept and understand me for me. I feel like I spend most of my time in airports these days but I love traveling and new experiences so it suits me…for now!!

LWL: So…what’s in your future — dreams and goals?

Hannah: I would absolutely love to continue my career in television. I think sometimes women think that they can either have a career or a family and not both, but I’m so happy to see that’s changing rapidly these days!
My dream job would have to be hosting a travel show. I did a segment in Split, Croatia and absolutely loved it!

Husband and kids may have to wait a few years (don’t tell mum!!)

LWL: What final thing would you like to share with our Little White Liars?

Hannah: The biggest thing I say to fans is that no matter what appears on social media, everyone is still human!! I read a lot of comments about how ‘perfect’ my life is etc, but just remember — I don’t put on social media when my heart is broken, when I’m lonely, when I’m homesick, when I can’t be with my family and friends when they need me. Life is always going to be glossy on Instagram but the reality is a bit different…

You can watch the amazing Hannah Ferrier on “Below Deck Mediterranean” which airs Tuesdays at 9PM ET on Bravo. Check it out!

And you can follow Hannah here:

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Bobbi jo Reply

I am following my dreams and owning who I am by being actively involved as an advocate for recovering addicts. Specifically, the opiate addiction crisis and those using medication-assisted treatment, which is still incredibly taboo even though it has the highest success rate of any approach to recovery. Im committed to destigmatizing these life-saving treatments and supporting those who need them. I’m also passionate about homelessness in the United States and specifically the way addiction and mental health issues contribute to the majority of the issue due to lack of treatment and support. Again, I want to take the shame and blame and stigma out of these issues so that people are better able to seek help and support. Much of these things go hand-in-hand and they are affecting so much of our population yet we choose to look the other way.
I relate to Hannah because I too traveled abroad right after college and it changed my life. It blew my mind that I could get on a plane and be on the other side of the world in a matter of hours. It’s easy to not comprehend how close we all are to each other on this planet. It’s easy to think that something happening in another country or continent doesn’t affect us here. But we are all only a matter of hours apart and we are brothers and sisters in a global community without realizing it. Travel has changed my life and I plan to get right back into it as soon as my surprise gift, my lottery winning, my seven-year-old son gets a bit older. If I won a bunch of lottery money today we would be on the first plane to the first place we could go and spend the rest of his childhood getting a Hands-On Global education. I truly believe it is the best investment we can make in ourselves and in our world.
Cheers to all the other little white Liars!

    Caren Glasser Reply

    Bobbi Jo, Thank you for the work you are doing as an advocate for recovering addicts. It is a huge issue in our world today. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show! Cheers to you 🙂 Best, Caren

Barbara Colton Stuart Reply

Caren…I learned about you from my son, Darin. Coincidentally
I’m growing my gray hair out…and have want to for a long time.
It’s not such a big deal, in the big scheme of things…but it’s SO freeing! I am seeing gray hair more and more out and about and love it!
I so enjoyed your interview with the women on … I think it was Orange County Today… My story of stepping out isn’t very glamorous but rather brave for me. I’m 73 years old..and in a effort to retire I rented out my house and am living on the difference between the mortgage and what I get for the rent. My sweet son offered me a room at his house to call home base…and I’m free to stay with and house sit for my brother and his wife in beautiful Gold Beach Oregon. I’ll do the same for my sister in Idaho. She and I will travel together also. I’m meeting people too and learning there’s a need for people to house/pet sit. Anyway, it’s all a great adventure! I’m feeling really free and who knows what doors will open ahead! I’m ready! Barbara

    Caren Glasser Reply

    Hi Barbara,
    You are inspiring to me! Congrats on your decision to grow gray out. Look forward to hearing about your journey!

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