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Imperfect RelationshipIntimate relationships are never perfect but that does not mean that you cannot work the relationship out. Everybody dreams of a fairy tale ending which is simply not realistic. Maintaining an imperfect relationship involves several ways that you and your partner must practice together.

Communication and Trust

Communication is crucial in maintaining a relationship. Learning how to say what you are feeling to your partner can keep the relationship open and long-lasting. If you feel the need to say something to your partner, feel free to do it and avoid keeping it to yourself. Make your partner understand what you are feeling and let him help in relieving you of your bad emotions. On the other hand, always remember that part of communication is listening. Provide the time for your partner if you feel that he or she is in dire need to tell you something.

Communication can often progress to trust. Trust is an important factor in every relationship. You do not want your partner to suspect you of anything. Make your partner feel that you can be trusted. Let him or her know what you are doing outside of the house. If you are working overtime, call the house to make your partner not worry where you are during the late hours of night or even if you are out for a drink with your friends. Remember that your partner has the right to know where you are and this is very helpful in building trust in your relationship.

When trust is gone, it is extremely hard to make the relationship work again. It can often progress to doubt. Doubt produce anger, and anger causes hate. A relationship with hate can lead to separation.

Be Sensitive

There will be a time when you and your partner may feel so close together that you tend to forget mutual respect and courtesy. You may say anything without considering if it would hurt the feelings of your partner. Remember that a speech will either prosper or ruin a nation. Never forget your manners and always choose the right words to say. Frequently exchanging hurtful remarks plants the seed for a bad relationship.

Everybody has their shortcomings and create mistakes, even your partner. Never criticise your partner for that. If your partner makes a mistake, do not blame him or her for that mistake. Help your partner fix what he or she did. If you learn to forgive others, others may forgive you for the mistakes that you do.

If you find flaws in your partner, do not go to the telephone and tell somebody about it. It is simply not good for a relationship when both party is back-stabbing each other. Learn to accept these flaws and help each other in making them better. People might think less of you if you let them into your relationship and tell every detail about your partner.

Maintain the Romance in Your Relationship

There is much more to the relationship than just partnership. Romance is an important part of the relationship. Keeping the flame of your love alive will help you maintain your relationship.

Telling the truth is considered an aphrodisiac and is a great way to create a connection between you and your partner. Tell your partner that you feel safe when you are with him. Do not be embarrassed when you want to be intimate with your partner. Share your true feelings.

If you want something, tell your partner about it. Let your partner know that you are intensely interested in spending a romantic time with him or her. Do your best to ask what you want using kind and loving words.

Romance first starts within you. Some people tend to get their partner to be more romantic by believing that they need to change them in order to have what they want. You cannot let you partner change just to satisfy your needs. You can create your own romance by changing the mood. Dress up and put on some music. Prepare sensuous food and take some time to love and appreciate yourself first. By doing this, it will not take long for your partner to join the fun.

Any help with your imperfect relationship I am here for you. Would love to hear your comments.

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Christina Young (The Healing Heart Coach) is a passionate, loving coach who helps women through the pain of relationship challenges, divorce and life after divorce. Christina is an author of “A Woman’s Guide to Forgiving Infidelity” and “Love is a Rollercoaster” Christina is called on by the media for advice and has been on radio in the UK and USA and interviewed on TV. Having gone through her own personal relationship challenge she understands exactly how painful it can be. Christina knows how life can be when you come from a place of love and forgiveness. Christina is also helping people live a healthy life through the Thrive Experience.