Do You Feel Invisible? Imbue Your Beautiful Self-Expression!

Do You Feel Invisible?

This is the question I asked in this week’s FB Live show with my guest Alexandra Levin, co-founder of BackForty.comThe question hit home for me because I recently had a mini-setback in my LWL journey, when I was feeling less attractive and invisible with my white hair grow-out showing. It’s  a fear women all over the world experience about aging.

InvisibleI asked Alexandra what she thinks about women feeling invisible. She said “When we look at ourselves in the mirror, no matter what age we are, we sometimes want to get invisible because we don’t look at ourselves with the same eyes. We see ourselves as we used to be, and we don’t feel pretty. We think of when we were 20 or 30 — I used to be pretty, but not now. It’s such a fallacy; it’s a lie we tell ourselves! And it makes us not take on the full beauty we have inside and out, which makes us truly who we are.”  Watch our conversation HERE

When I posed this question, about half of the women who responded said they feel invisible, that they walk into a room and aren’t noticed by men, or are ignored in the office.

What’s interesting is that the other half feel they are MORE visible with their own natural silver hair — because they look different. Why? Because the best way for us to see our beauty is in terms of uniqueness. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have to look like someone else. We can wear our hair how we want and dress how we want to stand out in our own unique expression of beauty.

Imbue Your Beautiful Self-Expression!

Sounds great – but what does it mean and how do I do it?  According to Alexandra, it means that you are “inspiring your massive beauty, uniquely expressed in the way only you can.”  How? Notice what lights you up, and do more of that. When we do things that light us up, we show up glowing, happy and beautiful!  You can see the difference in how a person looks when they’re doing or wearing something that they love.

And there’s more … Alexandra and I will talk about more ways to tap into your self-expression in a FREE webinar on March 21, called IMBUE the Beautiful You!  It will be a fun experience with games to explore and inspire the self-expression that’s unique to each of us, and creates our own special form of beauty, We’re ready to play and empower! So please join us for the fun. Here’s the link: IMBUE the Beautiful You!

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