The Little White Lie: How to Expect Magic No Matter Your Age

The Little White Lie: How to Expect Magic No Matter Your Age

I’m thrilled to be talking about how to expect magic in our lives with a person who captures this idea perfectly and inspires me so much. My friend Diana Wentworth has a long list of accomplishments, as a 7-time best-selling award-winning author, including Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook, former long-running television host, and popular public speaker. Diana’s romantic memoir, Send Me Someone: A True Story of Love Here and Hereafter, is currently under development for a Lifetime Network television movie. And she has an upcoming book that I’ll tell you about later. She joins me on my Little White Lie Digital Network show.

Here is the entire delightful interview that you can watch right now.

I start by asking Diana: “When you say magic, what are you talking about?”

Diana: “I’m talking about serendipity, living in a state of receptivity and expectancy, and having a vibration of just knowing that we’re being led. Like the poet Rumi says, follow the thread of what you truly love, it will not lead you astray. And I have done this all my life. I have always been very tuned-in … and I find that the most magical things happen. There’s really no explanation for the things that happen, but I continually meet really exciting people who offer different opportunities, and it’s like stepping stones are being put in front of me. And, I expect that to happen. So, I think magic is a vibration of expectancy and receptivity – just being open to it.”

For me, when I expect something to happen, I can actually envision it, and often it will come.

Meaning, if you expect negativity, guess what you are going to get back? Yes, the same. So why not expect something positive, things that you really want and that bring you joy?

Diana shares a wonderful story to illustrate how magic shows up in our individual lives: “My husband, Ted, and I love to go on long road trips. [On one trip we decided to surrender and not actually have a plan,] so we would stay one place and the next morning say, ‘Okay, where should we go now, which direction?’ We got led to a little town called Ashland, Oregon, and we fell in love with it. We thought, this is a place where we would want to spend some time.

Magically, I walked into this fabulous restaurant called Morning Glory, and felt like I was in my grandmother’s home. It just felt so good. [Later, I discovered that] a friend of mine knew the owner and introduced us, so I offered to write the foreword to her cookbook. Now we’re heading up to Ashland for two weeks, and I get to sit and watch the magic in her kitchen and write about it! Things like this happen continually.”

Before reading any further, just take a moment.

Think about a time when magic has shown up in your life. A time when you expected something to happen and it actually did. Aaaah, breathe in that feeling of magic – feels great, doesn’t it?

So, where does one start stirring up magic, that expectation of something great happening? Diana: “I spring up in front of my mirror every morning, and I say something to the effect of, ‘Today’s the happiest day of my life!’ I say this every morning. And you know, quite often it just sets up the vibration and amazing things happen.”

“Our thoughts are so important,” Diana continues, “and it’s so important to monitor them all the time, because they’re either coming from ‘ego,’ which is when you’re trying to control things and make things happen in a certain way. Or they’re ‘heart-centered’ thoughts. Those soul-centered thoughts seem to be the ones that have the vibration that attracts like thoughts and people.

Expect MagicHave you ever walked into a market and you’re in a bad mood?

It’s like people can not get far enough away from you. But if you walk in and you’re open and friendly and complimentary, you spark their day! It might mean the world to them that you notice them and say something kind.

“And I think that this is the way to live – to not get hooked by our old wounds. Any time we stop ruminating about all the old baggage (the old wounds) is a step forward. And I have about 100 techniques that I love to share with my clients to help them do this.

“You can’t drive along looking in the rear-view mirror.”

I’m thinking you’re pretty intrigued and curious right now about this magic thing, so I want to share with you about Diana Wentworth’s upcoming book, called (of course), Expect Magic.

In it she shares practices she uses with her coaching clients to help them move out of a mood that is spiraling down, catch it right away, and raise that mood so they can start attracting like thoughts, instead of the negative ones. She shares inspiring stories from the women’s circles she hosts, about their actual experiences of the magic of synchronicity, as well as other stories and techniques that will help you “visualize every day the beauty you want to bring into your life as if it’s already occurred.”

I can’t wait to get my copy of Expect Magic! To learn more about Diana Wentworth:

So my Little White Liars, I leave you to think about magic in your life, every day – ‘nuff said! Share your thoughts with the Little White Lie Digital Network, and get in on the conversation that’s happening all over the country, and beyond.

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Bettyanne Green Reply

Loved this show, and am so inspired by Diana Wentworth!

    Caren Glasser Reply

    Diana is definitely an amazing and inspiring woman! I plan on following in her footsteps!

Bettyanne Green Reply

Loved this show, and am so inspired by Diana Wentworth!

    Caren Glasser Reply

    Diana is definitely an amazing and inspiring woman! I plan on following in her footsteps!

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