The E-Word, Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials with Cate Montana

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The E-Word with Cate Montana

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to my featured guest, Cate Montana. She is the author of the new book “The E-Word: Ego, Enlightenment & Other Essentials”.  In addition, she is the author of “Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within” and co-author of “The Heart of the Matter” with Dr. Darren Weissman.

E-WordCate Montana has a master’s degree in humanistic psychology. She writes and teaches about the ego, transpersonal and transcendent consciousness, in addition to quantum physics and evolution. A journalist for almost 30 years, she served as the NW Bureau Chief and editor for the national Native American paper Indian Country Today. She has written for Seattle Magazine as well as numerous other Northwest publications. While editor of The Bleeping Herald newsletter for the hit indie film “What the Bleep Do We Know!”, she interviewed physicists, biochemists, and consciousness researchers writing about and demystifying quantum mechanics and consciousness for lay audiences. Currently she writes for the UK publication What Doctors Don’t Tell You and blogs for The Huffington Post.

Cate shares her inspiration for writing her book “The E-Word”. It’s a Red Pill wake-up call for those seeking a common sense understanding of human nature. It addresses why we’re facing the extreme scisms and critical issues we are today. In essence, the ego is not who we are!

It’s time to understand the age-old struggle between love and fear which cannot be resolved until we understand who we really are!

Within our conversation, Cate shares techniques to guide us to connect inward. Her book shares many exercises we can incorporate into our daily lives to discover the “real you”!

Words of Praise

“With wit and eloquence, Cate Montana exposes the ego’s masquerading effort to convince us we are made in its image and likeness. With equal skill, she holds before us the essence of our true nature – creative, free and whole” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

To connect with Cate, please visit where you can also order her book, as well as on Amazon.

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