Change the Story of Your Health with Dr. Carl Greer

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Change the Story of Your Health with Dr. Carl Greer

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to Carl Greer PhD, PscyD.  He is a clinical psychologist and master of transformation, with a fascinating story of his own. A one-time successful entrepreneur, Dr. Greer now practices as a clinical psychologist, Jungian analyst, and shamanic practitioner.  He also teaches at the C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago and is on the staff at the Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being.

In addition, Dr. Greer is also an author and shares his new book “Change the Story of Your Health” as a practical tool for reframing our experiences so that we can experience less stress, greater well-being, and even better physical health if we are willing to identify our health story and begin rewriting it.

Dr. Carl GreerDr. Greer shares that we have more control over the story of our health and provides exercises and expanded-awareness practices within his book, many of which involve working with and in nature.

By gaining insights and balancing energies, dialoguing and interacting with nature, or working with dreams, an inner healer, your symptoms, or a symbol encountered on a shamanic journey, you will become empowered. Whether dealing with aging, unexpected challenges or ongoing concerns, you can let go of what is standing in the way of optimal health and well-being, and bring in what is needed to change your health story.

Dr. Greer focuses on four key areas of personal health that often bring challenges:

1. Eating and drinking
2. Movement, flexibility, balance, stamina and strength
3. Sexuality, body image and acceptance of life transitions
4. Management of acute ailments and symptoms of health conditions such as autoimmune disorders and cancer

When we begin using the healing techniques that Dr. Greer offers, we will find it easier to let go of what no longer is serving us and bring in whatever can help us living a more satisfying health story.

Words of Praise: “In ‘Change the Story of Your Health’, Dr. Greer presents insightful self-healing measures from alternative medical traditions that will truly transform your personal health and well-being” ~ Susan F. Reynolds, M.D., Ph.D, President and CEO, The Institute for Medical Leadership

Finally, to learn more about Dr. Carl Greer, please visit him at and his books are available on, and

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