Dr. Susan Edelman says: Yes You Can … “Be Your Own Brand of Sexy”!

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Yes You Can …  “Be Your Own Brand of Sexy”!

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to my featured guest, Board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Susan Edelman who has spent 30 years as a practicing therapist in Palo Alto, California specializing in women’s issues. She’s the author of the multi award-winning book, “Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution for Women” and she helps women reclaim their power—by learning what works best for them—instead of what they’re programmed to believe is “normal” by today’s culture. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Edelman is an Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford University in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.

Over the last 29 years of private practice, Dr. Edelman realized a dangerous trend.

Despite advances, women across generations still struggle with having a voice and standing up for themselves. We think it’s getting better, but it’s not.

That same struggle is why they don’t get what they want from men. It’s painful, and in many cases, it stops them from getting what they want out of life. Dr. Edelman’s patients deserve better and this is not just a problem for her wonderful patients. It’s global, and we need a new revolution to create change.

Brand of sexy

Dr. Edelman shares that confusion is a common thread amongst all generations of women and it’s vital that we be very clear about our intentions and boundaries when dating. In a fast-paced world, including the ability to connect through the internet, it’s even more essential to resist the urge to be influenced by others and cultural norms. Shows such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, including the book and movie series “Fifty Shades of Grey” have created an even greater sense of confusion when knowing what to ask for from a man.

The shift from old-fashioned dating and courting has now led to confusion and pressure. Her advice: “Don’t discard all things traditional without considering their potential value”

One final piece of advice: “Being your own Brand of Sexy means expecting respect”!

To learn more about Dr. Susan Edelman, please visit her site www.beyourownbrandofsexy.com where you can read her blogs and order her book, available as well on Amazon.

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