Bodytypology with Certified Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey

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Bodytypology with Certified Naturopath Sue-Anne Hickey

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! In this episode, I introduce you to Sue-Anne Hickey, a Certified Naturopath and weight loss specialist. Sue-Anne came to naturopathy and healthy eating through her experience with yoga in 1990 which completely transformed her life. She is the creator of Bodytypology: The Body Type System for Lasing Weight Loss. Her passion is in helping her clients heal their ailments, lose weight naturally, and regain their energy and happiness using her personalized body type system that works better than any diet.

BodytypologySue-Anne introduces you to Bodytypology: The Body Type System for Lasting, Natural Weight Loss which is a personalized healthy eating weight loss system that works better than any diet. Drop the pounds easily as you learn to nourish your body with the right foods at the right time. The plan is easy to follow so you are sure to succeed. It provides you with specific foods to eat for breakfast lunch and dinner. Nourish your body to lose weight without using unhealthy meal replacement shakes or bars that slow down your metabolism and make long term weight loss impossible.

It’s simple; once you figure out your type, you have your plan.

The four body types are:

1. Adrenal
2. Thyroid
3. Pituitary
4. Gonads

For each type, the gland in question, adrenals, thyroid, pituitary, or gonad, (ovaries for women,) is overworking. Also, the other glands are weaker and are trying to catch up. As long as there is this glandular imbalance, weight loss will be very difficult. Also, when you eat for your body type you nourish the weaker glands and allow the dominant gland to rest.

Sue-Anne shares how to determine your type and once you do, here’s the plan:

  • There is no counting calories
  • You won’t count points
  • No weighing food
  • Save time and LOADS of money
  • You won’t make yourself crazy constantly thinking about what you can and cannot eat.
  • No more yo-yo dieting, depriving yourself and even losing weight only to gain it all back. Get it off and maintain your ideal weight FOREVER! In addition, Bodytypology gives you a personalized natural weight loss system you can implement for the rest of your life. And, the best part is that it REALLY works!
  • Finally, you will learn when to eat lighter meals to energize your body the most and when you can eat more to easily burn off the calories.

The results?

You will experience fat loss in the spots that bother you the most!
You will also eliminate cravings!
Your energy will soar!
And finally, you will feel AMAZING as you lose weight!

Sue-Anne is available for personal consultations and you can connect with her at

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