Breaking Through Betrayal with Holli Kenley

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Breaking Through Betrayal with Holli Kenley

Welcome to The Nancy Ferrari Show! It is with pleasure that I introduce you to my featured guest, Holli Kenley, author of “Breaking Through Betrayal and Recovering the Peace Within”.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and is a California State Licensed Teacher and a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Counseling with teens, adults, and couples, Holli’s areas of training and experience include sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, domestic violence, betrayal and cyber bullying. Currently, Holli works in the field of psychology as an author, speaker, and workshop presenter.

BetrayalShe has authored numerous published articles and six recovery books including Cyber Bullying No More: Parenting a High Tech Generation; Mountain Air: Relapsing and Finding the Way Back…One Breath at a Time; and a novel for tweens to teens – Another Way. Holli’s newest book “Breaking Through Betrayal and Recovering the Peace Within” 2nd Edition, was just released January 2016.

Holli shares her expertise with betrayal recovery and the 3 debilitating “states of being” that individuals go through when they have been betrayed. These states are:

1. State of Confusion
2. State of Worthlessness
3. State of Powerlessness

Utilizing her book will not only educate the reader as to the various forms of betrayal, including self-betrayal, and provides an interactive opportunity to work through the bonds of betrayal to her proven process tailored for recovery. Within her 5-part recovering process for “righting oneself”, you will revive and restore your mind, body and spirit and attend to re-occurrence or re-injury and recovering the peace within.

“Useful for anyone caught in self-blame, shame, or repeated victimization .. this empowering ‘in-control’ approach can help readers take charge, assess injury, gauge healing and find excellent strategies to protect themselves from future trauma when relating to one’s betrayer” ~ Beth Hedva, Ph.D.

To connect with Holli, please visit her site where you will learn more about her expertise and order her books.

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