Are You Comfortable Baring It All?

Are You Comfortable Baring It All?

After a recent Spa Day where I treated myself to a soothing massage, I was inspired to write about my experience as it brought forth my curiosity as to how comfortable we are to be vulnerable sharing some of our most deep emotions, hidden secrets with a stranger.

Such was the conversation with my massage therapist, who I will name Mary. After Mary and I determined my massage choice, we engaged in a conversation that was deeply revealing as she told me that she should have majored in psychology in addition to receiving her massage therapist license. I was amused when she said,

“If these walls could talk .. you’d be surprised as to what comes my way! Seriously … I should have been a psychologist”.

With that said, let’s reflect on the concept of how easily we allow ourselves to be so verbally comfortable when we are literally naked on a massage table and willing to bare and share our feelings to a stranger. I’ve actually learned to be quiet during a massage as I want my body, mind and spirit to enjoy the experience and not be distracted by conversation. However, there was a time in my life when I felt I needed to be conversational during a massage and shared some intimate details of my life. Some of the details were of a nature that I wouldn’t even share with my best friend or my husband. This is what Mary revealed to me as she has experienced women who would literally sob their hearts out while divulging their personal stories during a massage. I reflected on how awkward that could be as Mary is there to provide a service, not a therapy session.

This leads me to assume that women continue to desire a safe and sacred space to share matters of the heart that pour forth when we are naked to the world. As we are born naked to the world, and cry upon entry, it makes sense that we would feel comfortable in that sacred space within a spa where we are relaxed within the environment of smelling lovely scents, hearing calm and soothing music and as we allow the hands of a massage therapist to soothe our muscles, we just let it all out.

Let’s take this now to a higher level. If we are that comfortable to bare our heart and soul to a massage therapist, why is it that we can’t be that honest with ourselves? It has been proven that we are our worse critics and through a variety of modalities, such as life coach sessions, mirror love, intuitive readings, therapy sessions, we still blame and shame ourselves to the point of betraying the truth of who we are. Betrayal is the ultimate form of shame and it’s time to bare our souls to ourselves and love ourselves at the same time.

Baring It All

Nancy Ferrari

Allow me to provide some suggestions that can help release all those limiting beliefs, hidden secrets, painful stories from the past, so you can liberate yourself and experience that same feeling of relief and release such as how you share your emotions during a massage.

1. Be Vulnerable. Whichever modality you choose, whether it be prayer, meditation, singing, journaling, art therapy, set the intention to be vulnerable. I admit that it’s not pleasant to revisit all the uncomfortable stuff within your life, however, if you don’t allow yourself to be vulnerable, it all stays within you. Also, set your intention as to the outcome you wish to receive once you’ve been truthful within your release in order to move forward.

2. Practice forgiveness. When I was told that I must forgive in order to let go and be free, I was very reluctant to do so initially. Forgiveness had a far different definition than it does now. I learned how to forgive others who had harmed me without telling them directly. A powerful practice is to write a letter to someone who keeps a presence within your mind, holding you hostage to something that may have happened decades ago, but continues to weigh you down. Write a long letter and then perform a ritual as you burn the letter and send it off to the Universe. I usually bury the ashes and let Mother Earth handle it for me. Very therapeutic and effective to let go and be free.

3. Incorporate Daily Rituals. As a mother of three children, my mornings started off with a bolt out of bed and a continued fast pace until the end of my day when I’d be so exhausted, only to repeat it the next day. Regardless of your circumstances, it is beneficial to wake up a few minutes earlier than usual, and allow even 5-10 minutes to express your gratitudes and blessings, incorporate a quick meditation and/or prayer, ask for what you wish to receive in the day and also incorporate simple stretches before your feet hit the floor. You’d be surprised how much better your day will flow when you begin this way.

4. Indulge Yourself. It doesn’t take much to create your own spa with a lavender infused bath with some bath salts or Epsom salts to soothe and calm yourself. Add a few candles and some calm music and you’ve got yourself a spa experience that will create a perfect ending to your day!

There are many more ways to incorporate new ways of thinking, honoring yourself and above all practicing self-love that will shift your way of BE-ing! Find what works for you and as always, I’m here to support you to that place of LOVE. Feel free to set your complimentary discovery session with me and I look forward to connecting with you to offer some divine suggestions to truly live your soul destiny!

Nancy Ferrari

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