Alzheimer’s: Understanding the Invisible Footprints of Dementia

Alzheimer’s: Understanding the Invisible Footprints of Dementia

On this episode of The Passion Point, Caren talks with Judith Ingalsbe, a wife, mother, author, and businesswoman.  Judith  has endured more heartache in over a decade than most will ever experience. Judith’s grandmother, mother, and veteran father were all diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a progressive, degenerative disorder which attacks the brain’s nerve cells, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, as well as behavioral changes.

Alzheimer'sShe has made beauty from ashes as her prayers to encourage others in a more powerful way were answered.

Stone Benches: Understanding the Invisible Footprints of Dementia documents her experiences of caring for a loved one living with Alzheimer’s. She recalls stories of her family and others who have faced this disease. This journey documents the tragedy of diagnosis, as well as wonderful moments of love and understanding experienced by being present in the reality of those affected. She hopes through reading her journey others will embrace every day of this awful disease with courage, passion, and understanding.

Her book is a testimony of how God carried her through this tragedy.

Ms. Ingalsbe’s goal is to make sure loved ones with a disease of dementia are not forgotten and is raising awareness through #TheyHaveAName campaign. She recently embarked on a trip to the Nation’s Capital in Washington DC to educate Congress on the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s disease, their caregivers, and family members.

“This disease demands our attention,” stated Ms. Ingalsbe, “We need answers we simply do not have and we need them quickly. It is time we call in reinforcements, ask our legislators for help, and get our loved ones fitted with life vests. This storm will not calm until we do.”

Her passion: Encouraging others to rise above their circumstances and inspiring them to get involved in order to make a positive difference in the world.

Her motivation behind writing Stone Benches: To encourage others to pick up their foot and take the next step in this most difficult and frightening experience.

My husband and I said it often: If at least one person is helped, one family encouraged, all the efforts involved in sharing our story would be well spent.

Some of the topics we discuss:

Terms of the Alzheimer’s disease are often misunderstood –  what they mean:
Early Onset

Critical needs
Funding for research
Support for families and caregivers
Training for staff

#TheyHaveAName campaign
Those with a disease of dementia are valuable works of art to be treasured

What was accomplished because of our efforts:
PCHETA, a bill addressing palliative and hospice care needs gained the support of 29 House co-sponsors
HOPE, a bill addressing support for families and training for Memory Care staff gained 14 co-sponsors in the House and 8 in the Senate, including both of our state Senators

Anyone can get involved
Those who are making a difference
Those with early-onset alzheimer’s who are directing their efforts to this cause Family members with loved ones effected
Those who know their efforts will not help their loved ones – we are doing this for a future cure to better the lives of those we will never meet.

How to get involved
It’s as easy as writing a letter to your congressmen
The Alzheimer’s Association has sample letters addressing needs Sign up for Trial Match – they need everyone in their research efforts Learn the warning signs – speak up for those effected
Volunteer at Memory Care, help a family member caring for a loved one at home. – You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much they have to offer.

Check out the book here: Stone Benches: Understanding the Invisible Footprints of Dementia published by Symphony Publishing, was released on March 23, 2016. For more information on availability, go to

Contact: Symphony Publishing for information on speaking engagements and book signings
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