A Secret About JD Salinger Author of The Catcher In The Rye

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A little secret about JD Salinger

JD SalingerSo we all know JD Salinger as the author of one of the most famous books, The Catcher in the Rye. But did you know just 15 months or so before he had another story?

On this day in history, Salinger would be published in the New Yorker, with his story “Esme”.

This story off bat got rave reviews, and began his big following, he still has today. This is what one might think makes an author great. This is true and while he wouldn’t have a huge hit, until The Catcher in the Rye, he still kept on it, and that is what makes a great writer. This should be obvious for those who want to be known for their work, right? Well, usually yes, but in this instance no.

At the same time that his story was getting such a popular following, an article I just read (HERE), showed that he actually wanted to keep away from all the fame that came with his work. So you see, sometimes it really isn’t the fortune that people want, it’s the feeling of greatness you get from doing what you love.

JD Salinger is a striking example as to why I love to write, and spread my love for writing and literature to others. And it’s reminder that while it would seem to be that people only want to get some sort of monetary prize out of writing, it’s not the case. Once you read the article below, I feel you will get an idea as to what Salinger really wanted to do. If anyone wants to start a discussion, feel free to send me a message at the last link or message me at Rob’s Art of Tutoring on Facebook.

Check out the full story here : Salinger, “Esme,” Squalor by Steve King

Haven’t read “Catcher In The Rye” or “Esme” yet?  Pick up your copies here:

JD Salinger     JD Salinger

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