How To Put A Remote Start In Your Car

How To Put A Remote Start In Your Car
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Are you tired of getting into a freezing or boiling car every morning? Or maybe you just want the convenience of being able to start your car from the comfort of your home. Either way, installing a remote start in your car can solve these problems. In this article, we will explain how to put a remote start in your car, step by step.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Before you start installing a remote start, you will need to gather the necessary materials. This includes a remote start kit, wire strippers, electrical tape, a multimeter, and a drill.

Step 2: Disconnect Battery

To avoid any electrical shocks or damage, you will need to disconnect the battery from your car. This means removing the negative cable from the battery terminal.

Step 3: Locate Wires

Next, you will need to locate the wires that connect to the ignition switch. These are typically found behind the dashboard.

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Step 4: Connect Wires

Once you have located the wires, you will need to connect them to the remote start module. Follow the instructions provided with your remote start kit to connect the wires properly.

Step 5: Mount Antenna

You will also need to mount the antenna for the remote start. This is typically done on the windshield, near the rearview mirror.

Step 6: Test Remote Start

After you have completed the installation, it is important to test the remote start to ensure it is working properly. Use the remote to start the car and make sure everything is functioning as it should.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it safe to install a remote start in my car?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions carefully and have some experience with car electronics.

2. Will installing a remote start void my car’s warranty?

It depends on your car’s warranty. Some manufacturers may void the warranty if you install a remote start yourself, so it’s best to check with your car’s dealership.

3. How much does it cost to install a remote start?

The cost of installation can vary depending on the type of car you have and the complexity of the installation. On average, it can cost between $200-$500.

4. Can I install a remote start myself?

Yes, if you have some experience with car electronics and are comfortable working with wires and electrical systems.

5. What is the range of a remote start?

The range of a remote start can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Typically, the range is between 500-1000 feet.

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6. Will a remote start work on a manual transmission car?

Yes, but you will need to install a manual transmission remote start module, which can be more complex.

7. Can a remote start be installed on any car?

In theory, a remote start can be installed on any car, but the complexity of the installation can vary depending on the make and model.

8. Is it legal to use a remote start?

Yes, remote starts are legal as long as they are used in accordance with local laws and regulations.

9. Will a remote start drain my car’s battery?

No, a remote start will not drain your car’s battery, as long as it is installed properly and functioning correctly.

10. How long does it take to install a remote start?

The installation time can vary depending on the complexity of the installation and your experience with car electronics. On average, it can take between 2-4 hours.


Installing a remote start in your car can provide convenience and comfort, especially during extreme weather conditions. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the proper materials and tools, you can successfully install a remote start in your car. Remember to always be safe and cautious when working with car electronics, and to test the remote start thoroughly before using it regularly.

Materials Tools
Remote start kit Wire strippers
Electrical tape Multimeter
Drill Antenna mount