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Add your information to this form and our team will set up your Guest Author Profile
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    Make sure the email you add to this profile is registered to you at You can add multiple emails to their system and when you create a post here or comment, you only have to update one place to keep it current.
  • We want you to get the best results from your Guest Article. Adding a contact form can lead to sales and scheduled appointments and bookings.
  • Add your 1 - 3 sentence business bio
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  • We will add either your facebook business page or personal profile with the priority on the business page.
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What to expect:

Once you send the form, you will see a screen confirming the information and you will get an email with the details.

We use the “Required” entries to create your Author Profile record and to create links to your website for every article you share. This is a link that establishes Authorship for search engines and creates SEO benefits. (See FAQ’s for more information about this.)

Contact Form?

We are an engaged and interactive network and we want to make it easy for people to share your information via Social Media and to make direct contact.
You can sign up for a free 30 day trial of the vCita Scheduling and CRM.

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Please upload a profile photo. You can use the same one you use on Facebook or Twitter with no problems.

Short Business Bio

Filling this out with two or three sentences about what you do really helps people engage. Sometimes you might want to share an Article on a non-business topic or to promote a business friend, charity or lifestyle topic and this anchors people back to your main role here on Spark It Network.

User Name and Password confirmation are sent to you via email.

We use these to set up your Author profile for the first time. Once this is complete, you can log in using this information to update your Contact information at any time.
If you join Spark It Network, you will use this same profile to add articles, podcasts and videos. Social Media

Complete as many of the Social Media entries that you can. Our Author information box links directly to your profile! Make new friends!

Next Step? Send in your “Be Our Guest Article”! Click here or you can get the link later after we activate your Guest Author Account. 🙂

Set up a free Gravatar account if you don’t have one already – this is the web standard profile picture that links to the emails you use.

You must do all three steps to have your article posted. This page was Step 1.

Step 2 – Send in your Article, Podcast or Video link and Article information – Send an email easy!
Step 3 – Schedule your Guest Article review appointment OR use the form below to ask questions and find out more before you share. (You can also use this form if you have any problems during the process.)

^^^ DON’T Forget to SEND!