Have You Written Your Writers Business Plan for 2016?

Have You Written Your Writers Business Plan for 2016?

As an entrepreneur for 30 years (yes, since I was 3 🙂 ), I’ve learned that my business and personal lives are pretty closely tied together. My writers business plan has included personal objectives to create what I want. In order to bring some things to fruition, not only do I set goals, I also focus on releasing counterproductive thoughts and actions. They only act as barriers to my dreams and plans.

Speaking of which, I’ve chosen to leave a couple things behind in my 2015 history book. These stumbling blocks have never served me and have only taken away from my quality of life.

Writers Business PlanBelow is a summary of my business plan for 2016. I’m sharing a taste of what I’ve chosen to commit to this year, business and personal. (I’m still an entrepreneur, and they’re still tied together.)

#1 Stop Complaining

It’s so easy to continue complaining once I start complaining. My goal is to be vigilant for 30 days so I can create a habit. I am the one responsible for creating my life and complaining keeps me entangled in a negative cycle of thoughts and actions.

#2 Let Go of Negative People and Situations

They suck me dry. Not entirely their fault; I have allowed it. No more. If I want to keep my commitment for number one, negativity in any form has gotta go.

My plans are not all about NOT DOING. I’ve also chosen to more closely embrace a couple things in 2016:

#1 Build Loving Relationships

I will continue to put my energy into relationships that mirror my own commitment to love, respect and loyalty. I am blessed with a beautiful family and cherished friends. For this I am most grateful, as it is wealth beyond measure.

#2 Commit to My Business

This is where I usually fall behind. Not this year. I’m putting my foot on the gas and I’m pressing down hard. It’s been a long time in coming and I’m really excited. I’m committing to ME.

#3 Keep My Word

Sometimes I over-extend, over-book, over-commit. I mean well, but sometimes I run out of time or gumption to do the things I say I am going to do. That being said, I’ve decided to under-commit this year. Then, if I have time, I’ll get to the items on the B-list in order of priority.

So there you have it! That’s basically my plan for 2016. I’m going to do my best to stick with it, and I’ll modify as the year evolves.

How about you? Do you have a plan?

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Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and book coach. She has been leading writers workshops, retreats and events since 1999. Her company, Success Made Simple, provides guidance and resources for writers planning to publish books, blogs and articles.