You, Romance and Money!

You, Romance and Money!

Nancy Ferrari welcomes Kim Sarrasin, known as The Queen of Hearts, and is North America’s most sought after relationship experts. With over 50,000 fans & followers and a 97% success rate for connecting women with their soulmate, Kim has dusted off the hearts of thousands of women across the globe through her private coaching practice and popular online group programs. Kim has been featured on CBC TV, Global TV, The Globe & Mail and Vancouver Sun to name a few. After conducting over 30,000 private sessions, Kim observed numerous correlations between how women approach romance and money in a similar way. For this reason, Kim became a Certified Heal Your Money Story teacher so she could expand her services and provide deeper healing for women ready to have a better relationship with both men and their money.

Kim Sarrasin

Kim Sarrasin

Kim Sarrasin shares the correlation between our realities based on childhood experiences about our experiences with money and the cellular imprinting that occurred as early as 3 or 4 years old and how these patterns repeat in our adult lives. It’s all about your relationship with you, romance and money!

Additional topics discussed were:

How Walt Disney shaped your relationship to money

What your romantic patterns reveal about how you approach money

The # 1 behavior that’s repelling men and money – and how to shift it

The best selling book about love that will give you big clues about your money “language”

Tune in to learn even more about how you can heal your money story, attract men in your life and how you can achieve immediate results to live a balanced and joyful life.

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