Writer to Writer Success Mastery Edition — Are You A Fit?

Writer to Writer Success Mastery Edition — Are You A Fit? Apply for Submission!

Would you like to be published in an anthology with other authors? Have you been published and are interested in reaching the writers market? The WriWriter successter to Writer Success Series is now considering submissions for our SUCCESS MASTERY EDITION;

Benefits of Participation:
Contributing to Writer to Writer, SUCCESS MASTERY Edition, will give you publishing credit and can be a platform for speaking, and future writing.

Once you’re published, you can sell the book on your website to build a following, and earn passive income. Writer to Writer also promotes on Amazon.

Writer to Writer Series
Writer Success Mastery Edition


Section One
Book Proposals/Business Plans
Create and Propose: For Writers and Bloggers

Section Two
Social Media Platforms
Social Media Strategies for Writers and Bloggers

Section Three
Book/Blog Marketing
How to Budget for and Create a Marketing Plan

Section Four
Tips and Suggestions for Indie-authors

Section Five
Funding Your Project
Sponsorship, Loans and Other Money

Contributing Authors Selected upon Acceptance of Application

Guidelines and Information:
Submissions (One Submission per Section Maximum)
• Maximum 1,500 words per submission. Content submitted in two parts will count as two submissions.
• Drafts must be edited prior to submission.
• Submissions must be received on Microsoft Word Document, Font: Garamond 12 point, double spaced.
• Content must be professional and respectful.
• Submissions subject to edit by publisher.
• If Publisher determines submission requires a professional edit (at author’s expense) you may either hire your own editor or we will suggest one.
• Publisher reserves the right to deny submission if it is deemed inappropriate. Author will be refunded.
• Headshot, 300DPI
• 100-120 words
• Third Person
• Link to Blog/Website
• Link to Book(s)/Product(s)

If you’re selected as a contributing author, we’ll send more details. Please email judith@judithcassis.com for application.

Judith Cassis is a New York Times Bestselling ghostwriter, a blogger and book coach. She is the founder of The Golden Pen Writers Guild and Writers Mastermind Alliance and publisher of the Writer to Writer series. Follow her blog: www.judithcassis.com and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/judith.cassis. Private and group sessions are available for scheduling. Judith offers free group lectures and teleseminars based upon availability.

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Judith Cassis is a New York Times Best Selling ghostwriter and book coach. She has been leading writers workshops, retreats and events since 1999. Her company, Success Made Simple, provides guidance and resources for writers planning to publish books, blogs and articles.