Rewards Working with my Special Needs Child on his First Day

Rewards Working with my Special Needs Child on his First Day

My son is Matthew and he is inspiring and a treasure. Born with special needs, health problems and with an abusive father and siblings, Matthew did not grow. Doctors said he would never be able to walk or learn. He could not hear. He had hearing aids and glasses as a toddler. He had tremendous turmoil. Matthew proved the doctors wrong. He was in a combination of special education at public school until the age of 22 and homeschooled for 7 years in the middle years.

Special NeedsWho would have known he would be where he is today? This is the next chapter of his story:

It was an electrifying day. Answering my son’s questions, the ideas just started flowing. My adult son even though special needs, attended the college classes of his passion. I came up with this great idea to start a business in his passion, filmography. This way my son could have experience and knowledge with my guidance and make money while helping others. So I rented an office at Regus. It is an impressive office space, also known as an executive office. I have a home office. It gave us an option of using offices in 3 or 4000 other cities in the world. This is a real office but called a “virtual office” complete with a receptionist, conference rooms, copier, phones, mail, and a new coffee, tea, and hot chocolate machine. I think it is called a virtual office because you can have the benefits of an office and never show up. But why? It is a great place to have to physically be there.

We went and filed for a DBA/business license at the courthouse in person. We had the ugly experience of getting mobbed by people both outside and inside, competing against each other, that work for companies that post in the newspapers for 4 consecutive weeks for new business registrants in the LA area. A lady wearing ID at the courthouse said the LAPD had difficulty keeping them under control and came by frequently. Whew!

Getting ready for our first day, My son had a haircut. I had to hem a pair of my husband’s dress pants that would fit my son late the night before. I had him wear a suit and tie with his good shoes. He was not interested in wearing a suit. I had to explain most men wish they didn’t have to dress up for work. He looked so good in it. On his own he put cologne on after he shaved. We brought our computers and a printer. We were so into it, we spent that day at the office from 8 to 5 and forgot to take time for lunch. We did get some hot tea and hot chocolate during the day and I had brought a few snacks.

The first day in the office we had to go through two phones before we discovered that our office was in need of repair of the phone line. The nice thing about the office I have noted from my many visits is that this office has any needs repaired the very next day or sooner. We forwarded the phones back to the cell phones and carried on. We handled phone calls and used the computers like we do at home. As any beginning business, we had to set up the internet connections. Make the website and business cards, a voice message for our phone extension, reviewed software, make videos, set up appointments and more. It was a busy day.

The office environment made a huge difference in work production and professionalism. I wish we could do this, 2-3 days a week and become full-time when the business gets off the ground.

Despite special needs, he is a rare gift for all who get to know him.

He likes to collaborate with others. In his earlier years, he had hardships to deal with. This is him now. He has an irresistible, nurturing, magnetic, and influential personality. He is an advocate for his friends.

I am so happy to be able to provide this help to my son, even when I was a single parent I made sure I was there with him. I smile because this experience happened. I am very proud of him. #excited

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Rev. Dr. Tracy Elman, D.D, D.M. -multi-award winning best-selling author, narrator & founder of  Empowerment for Life, Education & Coaching,

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Rev. Dr. Tracy Elman, D.D., D.M. -multi-award winning best-selling author, narrator, & founder of Leap To New Heights, Empowerment for Life, Education & Coaching.