Traveling “Below Deck Mediterranean” as a Digital Nomad

Traveling “Below Deck Mediterranean” as a Digital Nomad

What’s A Digital Nomad, you ask?  A digital nomad can run their business from anywhere in the world that there is an Internet connection. I love the idea that I can connect with you no matter where I am.

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to be a charter guest on Bravo’s hit reality TV show “Below Deck Mediterranean”.   Along with 5 other amazing entrepreneurial women, we traveled the Mediterranean on the Ionian Princess. What an amazing experience to say the least.  The yacht was beautiful! We had the chance to eat delicious food from the amazing Chef Ben Robinson. We also had a beach BBQ with s’mores (The most unusual s’mores I’ve ever had) and even play in the water driving wave runners.  The crew took great care of us; anything we desired was just a request away.  Special thanks to our Captain, Mark Howard, for joining us one night for dessert under the stars.

We did not miss an opportunity to memorialize our time and took pictures and notes to use in future digital content.  Most importantly, we had an awesome time relaxing and enjoying our time away.

The crew even gave us a name:
“The Golden Girls”
What do you think? LOL

Digital Nomad

Here’s the thing guys….When you have digital content online, you have the power of the web working for you 24/7. How cool is that? Right? It’s all about working smarter, not harder. How about you? Would you like to learn how to create digital content (or find out what digital content is)?  Content that will get you found online … even when you are sailing on a yacht in the Mediterranean?  Connect with me to find out how!

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Check out our episodes on Below Deck Mediterranean which aired on Bravo, Tuesday, June 28th and July 5th, 2016.   Let me know what your favorite part was! This is one of my favorites…sailing in the Mediterranean with good friend Kathy Stover!


Digital Nomad


Connect with me here and let’s talk about a strategy that will take your business from lost… to found online!

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