What Makes You Uniquely You?

On today’s Connecting People, Changing Lives, Nancy and Caren talk about What Makes You Uniquely You?

Some thoughts from the show: Finding your niche, stepping into the fear of doing something different.  What makes you uniquely you?

Our guests today include:

rick tompkins

Rick Tompkins

Rick Tompkins: Rick Tompkins

Helps people with Relationship marketing.  Says Rick “I’ve been passionate about many things during my life. Some passions fade away. Maybe they’re gone forever. Maybe they’ll burst back into flame when the time is right. My biggest passion right now is network marketing in general and SendOutCards.






amber Boswell

Amber Boswell

Amber Boswell: Amber Boswell

Educates and empowers women to transform their life. Says Amber “I’m a free spirit who is proud to be the woman I am!! What you see is what you get, regardless if some would like to confine me to a politically correct box. I am who I am and it is what it is! I have been blessed with two beautiful little girls, and an amazing man who adores all three of us. I believe we all create out own reality and I CHOOSE to create a life full of fun, love, and adventure. I live every moment in gratitude for the life I am co-creating with my children and my partner.





Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar: Dawn Maslar

A biologist who researches the science of love. Says Dawn “I am the author of From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire Developing a Healthy GPS (Guy Picking System) Speaker, coach and biology professor. I work with women who keep attracting the wrong men. The last several years, I’ve been researching the science of love for a new book titled Men Chase, Women Choose.






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