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On today’s episode of Connecting People Changing Lives Nancy and Caren talk with virtual trendsetter, Jody Harris.

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Jody Harris

Jody Harris is the founder and CEO of ZippedMe and YUKBGONE. Jody has been on CBS, iHeart Radio, No.113 Branding Magazine and FORBES.
ZippedMe is Forbes 2015 Virtual Trendsetter and is a dress zipper helper fashion accessory. ZippedMe is more than an accessory!
Not only can you zip your dress you can also zip up your boots and wear it as a necklace. ZippedMe is about hope, passion and generosity and is manufactured in Oklahoma.

Jody’s journey as a teenage mom and a survivor of domestic violence has taught her to never give up. We discuss how ZippedMe was create and how it is creating jobs in her community and that she is in discussions to be on Shark Tank!

Jody also has a “JOB” with the USDA as a loan officer. Phew… busy lady!
Check out Jody’s new book “Behind The Brand” here:
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