How To Submit Your Video To Other Video Sharing Sites

How To Submit Your Video To Other Video Sharing Sites

YouTube isn’t the only video sharing site on the web. Sure it is the biggest, but there are hundreds of other video sharing sites out there that you can tap into for even more views. Following, I will list some of the sites for you to check out.

Video Sharing Sites

Some popular “mainstream” ones includes:

For “How to” videos, submit to:

There are video sharing sites for other “niche” topics like extreme sports, music and dancing etc.

To find video sharing sites for your topic, just do a search in Google: “Your hobby/topic” video sharing e.g. search for “hunting video sharing sites”

In these videos, you can also promote your videos on YouTube and your YouTube channel. You can add it as a scene in your video or put your link to your YouTube video/channel in the description area.

It can be boring work to submit all your videos by hand to multiple video sharing sites, so you may want to consider using a platform like “If This Than That”: You can create recipes that will automatically share your video to multiple social media platforms for you.

You can also check out some software like Video Swiper to automate it as much as possible. It’s an online video submission application to mass upload videos to your sites without having to lift a finger or manually upload or embed a single video


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