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On this episode of The Passion Point, Caren Glasser speaks with Sheila Kennedy about unlocking the power of confidence.

Confidence Coach

Sheila Kennedy

On today’s show Caren Glasser speaks with Sheila Kennedy. She is THE Confidence Coach and Lead by example girl! As she learns she shares. Building confidence began as a last ditch effort for survival, then became her life’s calling. From insecure divorced single mom struggling to make a living to best-selling author, speaker and coach, Sheila shares how to build the confidence you need, to build the life, business or platform you desire!
Learn more about Sheila here: Http://www.confidenceatyourcore.com

Some of the things we talk about:

1. Understanding the value of making choices
2. How does constant change impact you?
3. Sheila’s last book, “You Had It All Along” and building confidence at your core.
4. The three main ingredients to a confident entrepreneur?
5. What some of the indicators are that someone may lack confidence?

unnamedAccess your complimentary chapter from Sheila’s soon to be release book “Choices to Changes” here:

“Choices To Changes”

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