Unlock The Secrets To Your Ideal Client

On this episode of Connecting People, Changing Lives Caren and Nancy talk with Joy Balma, a personality type expert, bestselling author and brand alchemist.

She coaches savvy solopreneurs to uncover their unique magic, message and mojo so they can land their brand and attract their ideal client. Joy loves helping women discover their authentic self and core business message through her unique process of personality type branding. She is the Founder of Rock Your Feminine Type Academy where she trains women to become certified Rock Your Feminine Type Branding Coaches.

She is the author of the bestselling book, “Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business” and the creator of The Feminine Type Success system.

rockpix“Rock Your Feminine Type To Rock Your Business” is a book of self-discovery and business success secrets for women entrepreneurs. It describes 4 feminine styles of leadership (Biz Types) and 8 core Feminine Personality Types.

Which one are you? A Nurturer, an Expert, a Creative or a Leader? Which one is your client? You really need to know.

The book takes you on a journey through The Feminine Type Success System where you unlock your superpowers, the business world you rule, your highest business potential and your shadow. When you have these answers, you will know how to rock your business.

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