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On this episode of The Passion Point, Caren Glasser speaks to Belle Kohen on how to Unleash Your Bold.

Belle Kohen

Belle Kohen

Every woman reaches a season in her life when SHE is entitled to take care of self!

Belle is a transformational coach who masterfully works with women 50 & above to realize their dreams, passions and elegantly design the next chapter of their lives. She brings her lifetime of real world experiences to her business. Today, Belle marries her business strategy savvy with her deeply intuitive nature and her passion for facilitating powerful transformations. As host of Unleash Your Bold Radio on BlogTalkRadio.com, she and her guests provide powerful and practical tools for empowered living. As a Coach, Speaker, Mentor, Best Selling Author, Co-Host of Outrageous Success Women’s TV and Publisher of UNLEASHED Magazine, Belle reminds all she encounters, “You’re NEVER Too Old To UNLEASH Your Bold!”

This includes finding the time to be her best, deciding how the next chapter of her life will look.

This may mean leaving a corporate job with decisions about what will be next. Thinking in terms of beginning to follow her dreams (if she has allowed herself the luxury) AND, looking inward to find the reason and ways to fulfill her life.
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